By awskme - 09/01/2010 00:36 - France

Today, I was having passionate sex with my girlfiend of nine months. She's making a lot of noise so I tell her to keep it down and remind her my parents and sister downstairs. A few minutes later I get a text from my sister saying my parents want to make sure I'm wearing a condom. FML
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How is this an fml? At least they didn't care. Just making sure you were safe.


He deserves it for having sex when his family was downstairs.

I feel like I've heard this one before.

How is this an fml? At least they didn't care. Just making sure you were safe.

Actually, they DID care, but in a good way. They didn't interfere with their sex (except with the text), but they did want him to be safe, or at least, didn't want to have grandkids from him ;)

i'm sure he heard about it later, but at least they had the common courtesy not 2 come up.

are you retarded or just disrespectful ! my brother has done this before and it's really awkward to be In the house when he deos it ! you should be more considerate!! also if she was loud you must be good it's a compliament !!!

I swear I've seen this same one before

u guys are thinking about the joke where theyre on the porch and the boys asking the girl for a blow job and she keeps saying no. then the sister opens the front door to say "dad said if u dont do he will but for god sakes can you stop leaning on the intercom"

She made 'alo' of noise? Don't you mean 'a lot'?

Girlfiends make strange, evil noises.

no body gives! everyone can understand him

haha jus cuz its alot of noise doesn't mean its loud... it could be a lot of quiet sounds haha

lol does it matter you understood what hr ment lol

why the h*** do you read texts while having sex ?

seriously, ^

haha! that's exactly what i was thinking! :) I would be kind of offended if someone was reading txt msgs while having sex with me. but then again, maybe he read it after they had sex. maybe it was just a quickie. lol

#7 Congratulations on your incredible ability to correct spelling mistakes, regardless of the fact that it was obviously just a typing error. Awesome.