By littlemissignored - United States
Today, I was having lunch with my boyfriend and talking about how stressed out I've been because of my job. While I'm speaking, he pulls out his phone and says his boss is texting him and it was important. There was a game of Tetris reflecting onto his glasses from his phone. FML
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  JustSoLost  |  8

LOL. Nahh. Don't dump him, some guys just don't listen when they should don't blame him. Just talk to him and tell him that he needs to be there for you emotionally also.


yeah dump him now...i mean u'll only be alone 4 the rest of ur life if u dump every guy over 1 thing such as not listening 1 time!!
this isnt an FML ur just being whiny...
every guy is gonna fk up sometime just like every girl will as well...
get over it! >.> such a baby if u go on a website w/ millions of ppl to complain about 1 thing like that
i have worse problems than that n u dont c me puttin it on here
if he cheats on u or hits u or something...then yeah u can post it. dont kno y u would but w/e

  emmmilyyy  |  0

She shouldn't dump him. Who wants to hear some chick bitch and complain? I'm sure she was nonstop complaining for more than 5 minutes which is pretty much the time limit where a normal person starts to get bored by someone's lame boo-hoo story. I'm sorry but sympathy has an expiration date.

  Strike1  |  0

#68 comment is full of win. All the people that are going "She should dump him!" are anal. Releasing your stress on your significant other will hurt the relationship more than help. This is a boring situation, if the guy disagrees, then shit will hit the fan. His only real choice is to just nod and play along anyway. If he can't talk about something interesting, he'd might as well do something interesting.

  Puolukka  |  4

Oh wow #91...that's pretty pathetic.

That's what significant others are there for among other things, so you can talk to them, confide in them and talk about your problems. And that's what it should be like in any good relationship. My husband always bitched to me about his work problems when he was still in the military and it didn't hurt our relationship in any way. At least I knew why he was so upset.


Yeah but you also bitch to him right? It's a give and take situation. Besides in your case, your husband has the worst job in the world: major stress, major anal bosses and the devastation he sees everyday if he is in one of the war zones.
Compared to that,OP has nothing to fucking bitch about.

  bummerd00de  |  0

#3 wins.

And #2, if she can't talk to her boyfriend and expect him to comfort her in some way, then wtf is she supposed to do? Relationships aren't just physical.

  pins91  |  27

Oh the shit that was popular in 2009... it’s now 10 years later in 2019 and NO ONE says that anymore.


what!?! who doesn't love a little nerd love?

OP, did you think that maybe you talking about your stress at work reminded him of his stress at work? i mean, with all those idiots calling for tech support, they guy has to play tetris every once in a while.

By  Dogman332  |  0

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By  plexico  |  3

That's a lot nicer than what you deserved which is, "Shut the fuck up and let be enjoy my pork roll sammich in peace, woman!" (That is the official state lunch meat of New Jersey, right?)

Seriously, did you expect him to fix the stressful situation at your work? No, you just wanted to bloviate!