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Today, I was having it off with my boyfriend of 3 years in his living room when a girl barges in, sees us, and screams "I knew it!" then rushes out. My boyfriend gets up, grabs his pants and while chasing after her yells "baby she's nothing, you know I only love you!" FML
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Dump Him. That sucks OP. Punch him in the balls when and if you see him again(:

Quest_ 13

Oh, man. **** your life. I don't even know what to say.


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Lmao what a cowardly way to say "FIRST"

they said it like that because they are to ashamed of their love for justin bieber

#5, on another FML you REPLIED to the first comment and thought you were first so STFU! OP, FYL that should slap him!

fake. no one can be in a 3 years relationship without a sign of cheating

Actually it is possible if you are clever enough.

number 1 is gay. likewise with Justin bieber.

yeah it could work OP- that sucks so much :(

I was supposed to be first so Stfu hommie. ok?

I'm sorry but your friends mum sounds like a tramp! How does she feel knowing tht she's ruining a family?

I also think 37 is confuzzled, this is a REAL fml, wow, OP should have looked for a gun and went all ' gunpowder and lead' on him if u know what I mean

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Nvm, 37 was replying to a comment that somehow disappeared.

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Is that the new slang you young kids are using now-a-days? "Having it off".. That's the second time today.

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wow , 47 you made my day :D OP that sucks :(

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Lmao, you ydi for being so ignorant and not knowing he was cheating. Signs woman signs!

How the hell did she deserve it when she didn't know? Smh. People are dumb.

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sounds like both of yous should beat his ass.!

Fyl if I was you, since he left you alone in his house, I would have trashed it.

 "Baby come back! You can blame it all on me!" 

seriously why the eff do people even say that they're "first".. who cares? why make it a race? it is so freeken lame on so many levels. grow up

Agreed. As Chris Rock said, "If you've been dating a man for 4 months, and you haven't met any of his friends, you are not his girlfriend." The only situation I can see where this makes any sense is that he recently started cheating and is promising new girlfriend he'll ditch the old one next week.

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Dump him & be friends with the other woman & plan something against him... LOL!

Estrogen pills in his Gatorade. That is all.

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sweetie grow up it doesn't work

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ok your a dumbass nobody cares if ur first.

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oh shut up ok... leave me Alone I don't wanna be a part of this..

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WTF does that have to do anything with the FML? so what I like Justin Bieber.. it's not like I like twilight lol jk I DID! god bad idea :( ur just jealous cuz I'm going to his concert :) jk

justin beiber is a pussy fag and op should totally make a lead salad all over his face and groin

haha, not only slap him but beat the shit out of the other girl.

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Idc what you think so stfu ok... My name jbisok no OMGJBISOHAWT! Have a spoonful of " grow up " ok.. Oh my Gods..

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I got bored .. why r ppl so mean to me cuz I like JB.. I'M 12!!

JustinBieberIsOK 0

I would yell in his face like WTF??!!

I'd be likeWTF? I'm ur only love! jk... and then slap him

fwank 1

no this is amazing. is your bf tiger woods? XD

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haha thats funny. just gonna say rawr until I can post cos of anti flood.. rawr rawr

lolollolololol boyfriend of 3 years FYL indeed

This is one of the worse men you can find, FYL OP :( If possible, plot your revenge with the other girl. Try to get him in a (fake) threesome with you and the girl, and whilst in the middle of it, cuff him, castrate him, and use his phone to make his friends come over and give it a good look, whilst you are already gone of course.

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That was... detailed. I'm a little worried about you...

spiderman0606 0

Actually I read about something like that in the news... apparently these three women found out their boyfriend / husband was cheating on them, plotted together. One of them lured him to a motel with the promise of sex, the three then ambushed him, humiliated him, assaulted him, and...superglued his penis to his stomach. True story:

chillinAK 9

that's actually in a book also. can't remember the title but it's by the person who wrote first wives club. word for word almost lol.

fwank 1

noo. ur wrong. this is the best man you can find. 3 years in a relationship with 2 ladies not knowing about each other. that's a win. your a fail. XD

#53: No need to be worried :) I just am not easy to be walked over if something like this would happen to me. What one gives, is what one deserves. #86: That's gruesome and yet I bet it was satisfying for the lot, never actually heard of something like that lol! #102: Your name says it: you’re a f*ck*ng wanker. I hope something like this will happen to you if you seriously think that this kind of behavior is justified.

fwank 1

what is the world coming to'.., god damn its sad that peoplw cant take jokes.. and fwank?thats not my realy name its. joke from school. so don't get ur nuts in a bunch kay

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Dump Him. That sucks OP. Punch him in the balls when and if you see him again(:

This might be that rare moment where the nut shot is completely deserved. Three years and you get dumped mid-hump for another girl? So cold-hearted. FYL

I agree entirely with NayaBayBeee and ImaginaryFoe, she should definately punch or kick him in the nuts. Maybe team up with the other gf and they can both punch him at the same time...? Because what that prick of a bf did was not forgiveable, to either girl.

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Yeah lean down. Knock on the door. When he answers, punch him in the balls. When he asks "why?" Say "you know why!" LMFAO!!

Quest_ 13

Oh, man. **** your life. I don't even know what to say.

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fyl that sucksss...but how does she just barge in on you guys?

she probably had a key which makes her boyfriend really stupid. who has two girlfriends at the same time and let's them have a key to his apartment?

she prob had a key that makes the op's bf really stupid

uhohuscrewedup 0

oops nvm I didn't see "his" living room

and, it being west Virginia, turns out she was his sister and the OP was his aunt!!