By SKG95
Today, I had a flight to Philadelphia, but it got canceled due to bad weather. I booked another, which got delayed. After waiting for almost 12 hours at the airport, I boarded, just to have a super annoying toddler kicking my seat from behind. FML
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By  TCRII  |  29

I want to have a super annoying toddler so it can be MY kid kicking the back of that kids fathers seat. As a bonus, I would let him scream in a restaurant.

By  SadiyaRabia  |  8

Here’s a tip from Arnold Schwarzenegger, the next time it happens: look around your seat at the kid with malice and tell him, “Hey, kid? If you don’t quit that, this is what I’m gonna do to you,” and snap a pencil in the kid’s face. That’ll scare him into sitting still.

By  reborne  |  9

I never understand why people don't just politely ask the parent to stop the child doing it - I mean, chances are you're never going to see them again so it's not as if you have to put up with any embarrassment.