By zep - / Sunday 7 June 2009 11:41 / United States
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By  chapmmel  |  0

Of course it is #2, thats why its on here... Oh :( I guess you didn't remember to check the bedrooms? It must of been more awkward for them instead of you because you didn't know :P

By  LchTessMnstr  |  3

Please tell me some pictures went up on myspace/facebook/etc. Well at least your friends weren't conscious to see/meet your parents. I think that'd be worse...and more awkward.

By  BikerMike  |  0

That is why you never have parties at your parents house. You have to worry about what they are going to break, stains in the carpet, and you have to get rid of all the evedence (alcohol, clean up the mess, rubbers and cum stains and passed out people). now your parents will not trust you.

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