By kiddoc - 26/10/2011 02:28 - United States
Today, I was happily playing with my young niece and nephew. Their grandmother was watching and said, "You are so good with children! Why don't you have any?" My husband died 3 months ago. FML
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  _Vamp_  |  9

Enonymous, that comment was very funny and well said, but the situation that you used it in is very disrespectful. This FML is one of the few "serious" ones.

Sorry for the loss, OP. Good luck in your future.

  memily63  |  12

A lot of times, people don't realize what they say before it comes out of their mouth. Especially if it was recent, it might have escaped her mind at that time. I am so sorry though, OP. I know regardless it doesn't make it any easier

  0opsie  |  6

#75, Not really. She can be the kids' grandmother without any close relation to the OP. She could be OP's sibling-in-law's mother. Or even their step-parent's mother.

  0opsie  |  6

*Or maybe her niece and nephew's parent is OP's half-sibling with the same father and this grandmother is her sibling's mom, not hers. The first thing I mentioned is probably it, though.

  Angelastic_fml  |  18

But if she's a sibling-in-law's mother, wouldn't that also make her the mother of the dead husband, unless they were only half-siblings? Sure, there are ways she could have been not in the OP's or her husband's immediate family, but it would have been nice to have this clarified in the FML.

  Heliol  |  8

119 -
One of the parents of the children is not related to the OP or her husband. And it would be really gross if her brother or sisters mom is also her husbands (how you came up with that as a given I cannot determine)... Since the OP is not a mother (hence the comment) and she said the children's grandmother rather than her mother or mother-in-law the grandmother is most likely related to the OP's brother's or sister's SPOUSE (that's also what a sibling-in-law is, it's not just a one way street -.-). Since their grandma probably doesn't interact very often with the OP it isn't too surprising that she would say something like that without knowing how it would hurt the OP.


(facepalm) Or she could read something good instead. Nicholas Sparks is NOT good at writing realistic or healthy romantic relationships. (Fun fact: hanging off a Ferris wheel and threatening to kill yourself if a girl won't go on a date with you isn't cute, it's emotional abuse.)

Oh, it's only been three months since her husband died. WAY too soon to even consider finding new love. You strike me as incredibly naive.