By Anonymous - 28/04/2009 00:43 - United States

Today, I was hanging out with my boyfriend when we started messing around. Things were getting really hot when he gets a call from his best friend whose grandfather had just died. As they were talking and I heard her crying, he unzips his pants and mouths, "She won't know." FML
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Today, I called up my best friend because my grandfather had just died. I suddenly hear the sound of a zipper, some moaning, and a dialtone as he hangs up while I'm still bawling. FML

Then what happened?


Then what happened?

Your odviously a good fucker otherwise he wouldn't have sex at that time...

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Blow jobs help lighten the mood haha jk

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i don't get it

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he wanted to get laid that badly: either he is a majore asshole or you gotta step it up in the bedroom

how is this bad?

Are you trolling, or just stupid?

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No one died you fool. It's all a lie to hide the fact that he's a cheater.

But OP said she heard crying!

#2, are you slow or just bad at reading?

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did you do your job? hahah so funny man. shot! :) XD

HAHA thats awesome what a legend.

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LOL This is more of an FML for the best friend.

hahaha thats awesome!

Bite his cock off and kick him in the fanny

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oh lol i get it now

Uh, wouldn't you have been more upset if he walked up and left to talk this other female? So what happened after he put the phone down? That's the deciding factor!

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no she probably wouldn't have minded because the best friends grandad had just died. It would have showed her that her boyfriend was a considerate guy who cared about his friends.