By Anonymous - United States
  Today, I was hanging out with my boyfriend when we started messing around. Things were getting really hot when he gets a call from his best friend whose grandfather had just died. As they were talking and I heard her crying, he unzips his pants and mouths, "She won't know." FML
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By  Nexxion  |  0

Today, I called up my best friend because my grandfather had just died. I suddenly hear the sound of a zipper, some moaning, and a dialtone as he hangs up while I'm still bawling. FML

By  tWitt3rBuG  |  0

Uh, wouldn't you have been more upset if he walked up and left to talk this other female? So what happened after he put the phone down? That's the deciding factor!

  Leadamp  |  7

no she probably wouldn't have minded because the best friends grandad had just died. It would have showed her that her boyfriend was a considerate guy who cared about his friends.