By bumblebee - 14/09/2009 21:30 - United Kingdom

Today, I was hanging out with a guy I liked. We sat in the gardens, me facing the path, him with his back to it. We were in deep conversation when I noticed a dog that looked exactly like mine. Then I looked up and saw a man that looked like my dad. Yes - my parents followed me on a date. FML
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kill them. its the only logical solution.

wow your parents have no respect for your privacy... creepers


surprise !!! anw first blood

FYL if they went through the trouble of using your dog to sniff you out.

XD "First Blood"

well if it goes bad all you have to do is scream rape and he would get his ass kicked.

*sigh* no one cares about this lame ass FML

OR, it was a nice day, and your parents decided to go for a walk and had no idea you were there. That seems more likely. How is this an FML again?

I hurd u cud sue ur parents. maybe u cud 2 4 being stalked by them. or, u cud confront them, tell them u need ur space and logically work this all out like civilized peeple. ur choice.

#83 Go back to the 3rd grade and learn to spell.

kill them. its the only logical solution.


LOL - thanks for that, fosizzlemynizzlE, got a good laugh out of it

they should kill you first.

Oh geez. FYL. D:

wow your parents have no respect for your privacy... creepers

my fuckin mom HAS to know the password to my hotmail, facebook, iPod etc. and she won't even LET me go on dates AND she tries to sneak up on me randomly to spy on me. and I'm fuckin 16 >:( i dont feel one but sorry for OP

FYL, Invasion of Privacy.

oh wow do i feel sorry for you!

Sounds like a coincidence to me, just bad timing or luck. But hard to tell without more information.

I would never speak to my parents again. This is exactly why I don't tell them if I'm going on a date. It's embarrassing and the last thing I want them to do is talk to my date or follow me there. They would do it to embarrass me on purpose too. FYL. They should respect your privacy. If you're old enough to be dating, they need to understand that you don't want them to hold your hand every step of the way. Or at all for that matter.

This is obviously such a childish comment. Any sensible person will know that loving parents will be concerned about their children. They may be just overly concerned and you only need to speak to them, let them know whats going on, reassure them that you will protect yourself. Nobody is a good judge of character. And nobody is ever too old to be in danger. Why would your parents be out to embaress you, what do they gain from it? What do they even gain by having you as their child? You milked them out for money, gifts, education, a home, then curse, swear and insult them. To top it all, you will leave home when you feel like you are all grown up and want freedom, leave your parents to age and rot on their own. I see no love. What a joke.

Yeah, well actually. My parents HAVE done it on purpose. Especially my father. Just because he's an adult doesn't mean he grew up. He even said that he likes embarrassing me because it's fun when I get pissed off. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think every girl's dream life consists of their fathers picking them up and holding them upside down, then dropping them, then running away... in front of their friends in the middle of the mall on their birthday. And I wouldn't really not talk to them. That's just an over-used saying when you're a teenager.

So, I'm guessing u have kids

My dad does the exact same thing to me. Once i was halloween shopping and i see a girl i know and she says hi. my dad responds by making a real creepy noise and saying "my boy gettin some action"

oh that's horrible! you should talk to them about this! its disrespectful and even though this sounds weird but they probably don't trust them self that's why they did that they don't trust they taught you well enough. be respectful and tell them "you taught me better"

ydi because obviously your parents can't trust you.

Umm, you don't know that they can't trust her. They could just be overly protective. We don't know their reasons