By Poppleton99 - United States - Cedar City
Today, I was hanging out with a friend out of state. He had some friends with him and we were all having a great time, until they found out I live in Utah. They instantly assumed I was Mormon and started to act weird around me. This is a frequent occurrence. FML
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  riffehunter  |  16

I moved from utah six years ago and am graduating in 4 months, and kids are still asking. My first day as the new kid I stood up in class and introduced myself, and the first question I got was "how many moms do you have?"

  bubbsorcuz  |  10

it is over 60% mormon. So over 50% chance you are right. Grew up with alot around me in my area of Wisconsin. Good people and good friends. None gave a shit if I didn't follow their rules and none tried to convert me from atheism

  Setareh23  |  34

Exactly! And even if he'd said yes, I don't know why they'd start acting "weird" around him. They clearly liked him and found him to be a decent and respectful person before, so I don't see why that would suddenly change. It's like the equivalent meeting someone and finding them totally cool and nice, but then suddenly treating them like a terrorist once you find out they're muslim. Pretty stupid...

By  shinikageWolf  |  15

You could have made a joke about it.
"Oh you're from Utah? You must be a Mormon"

"Bitch, did I show up by knocking on your door asking if you've heard about our Lord and Savior?"