By rmonk - United States - Carpentersville
Today, I was hanging out with a friend at an ice cream place, and a guy started chatting with us. As he eventually went to leave, he told me "That's a nice looking date you got there." Then he turned to my friend. "Wish I could say the same to you." FML
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By  Cyrus00  |  41

Should have said "well at least I can get a hot date, instead of talking to randomers in an ice-cream shop". Then dropped your ice-cream cone on the floor like a microphone and simply say "served" before walking off.

By  syki  |  22

If you're a guy and you're friend's a girl, it might just be a sort of non-threatening way for him to pay her a compliment while pointing out he wasn't actually trying to hit on her (he acknowledged the "date") but also not trying to hit on YOU. I hear these kinds of comments from male friends/relatives of guys I date all the time, sometimes even from the guy himself, sometimes even, like here, from total strangers.