By atsukobo - 10/03/2012 06:04 - United States

Today, I was half asleep and tried to cuddle my husband as we slept. Still dreaming, he yelled for me to leave his money alone. FML
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lol......well at least he didnt yell some other girl's name but still fyl

Now I anin't saying she's a gold digger...


lol......well at least he didnt yell some other girl's name but still fyl

MetalxSoldier 26

I think what he meant to say is "leave my family jewels alone" I guess he doesn't want to get lucky tonight.

This really isn't an FML.

27 - I agree. OP, you really have no idea what he was dreaming about, it could have been anything, a robbery, mugging, his company's fraudulent investment of his pension...anything! How does that make your life fucked at all, simply because your husband yelled in his sleep?

... unless of course, he wasn't actually sleeping :)

Dont take the mans hard earned money then. Problem solved.

ss_20_xx 14

Well he might leave you for more money though. Just saying...

Then you should stop spending so much money. Your husband must really love you if he never mentioned this to you in person. Fuck his life

Well, you're gonna listen to him, right?

Money is a code name for his penis

Nope you yell back "SHOW ME THE MONEY"

gators1995 30

Who knows? Maybe OP will turn in to a money grubbing whore

I tried that once except mine elbowed me in the nose. Let's just say I won't be doing that again.

Now I anin't saying she's a gold digger...

K_kanaka 26

But she ain't messin' with no broke n%&#as

I heard that in the ODB's voice.

Go ahead girl go ahead get down.

Ima let you finish but...

Met shorty at the beauty salon, with a baby Louis under her underarm..

From what I heard she got a baby from Busta my best friend said she used to fuck with Usher ,

*vuitton. Oops don't know what happened to that above :$

It's really not that uncommon, SexyIslandGirl.

Why don't you girls use the reply buttons...?

eatdemcupcakes 4

Because they don't feel like it

cyK0tek 0

But...using the reply button...and...actually typing the WHOLE word takes SO much energy!

I was on my phone & it wouldn't let me. Sorry if it caused you too much hassel.

himynamesholly 0

well,do you excessively shop? maybe now is a good time to make him a sandwich.

RahmEsHestos 5

Or Just blow something other than his money

RahmEsHestos 5

Lmao that was comment 69

cyK0tek 0


himynamesholly 0

I see what you did there^^

That's priceless xD

Your username is great.

BunBunBabe 8

Unless you waste his money, that's pretty sad :( but if you do.. Maybe his subconscious is just yelling at you because he doesn't when he's awake

Time to cut back the shopping!

perdix 29

If you blew something other than his money, maybe he wouldn't have this deep-seated hostility towards you.

RahmEsHestos 5

HVery well worded, haven't seen such a good comment in awhile