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Your username sums it up.

The elderly can be cruel.


...for groping an old lady?

The elderly can be cruel.

They have to find some way to have fun!

So frequently are people posting FML's about the elderly falsely accusing them and mindfucking us over whether or not to do good deeds though...

Maybe she had Alzheimers and forgot she tripped.

Who says the old cant have fun?

40- I love your reverse haiku.

Ya you don't fuck with old people they have been around a long time.

Ha, I can't wait till I can do that!

Hey #40, haiku syllable structure is 5-7-5, not 7-5-7. Example: Haikus are easy, But sometimes they don't make sense, Refrigerator

O man, I just saw the irony behind his "haiku" with his name. I'm ashamed at myself for being that person to call him out...

53- There are other ways to have fun than publicly humiliating people who tried to help you...

Terrible poet, I regret to inform you Your structure is wrong. I enjoyed it all the same though. :)

Adding to 37's comment: Imagine how cruel these elderly people were younger, maybe even their entire lives'? I highly doubt that, out of the blue, they just decided to be assholes to random strangers giving them a helping hand. Or is it that they just happen to be grumpy that day and decide to take it out on someone else? I'm very curious here!

Ouch... I'm new here, someone help me out as to why I was thumbs downed? Didn't think my little haiku was that bad. :(

I was going to post a disclaimer saying that I understood that Terrible Poet's name was a dead giveaway. That's just the only haiku I could think of! I thought it would take away from the comment... Bad decision maybe?

Carmstro, sometimes it's better to just accept a thumbed down comment and move on. However, I would infer that you got thumbed down because the hordes of fml were probably done with haikus after the first few. Don't let it get you down.

Just looking for constructive criticism for the future. Thanks!

Your username sums it up.

*knocks on wood for OP* Ya never know =

I bet that bitch will choke on a lemon cough drop in no time!

85- or on her false teeth :D

Destroy thy beast

Agreed. Put weights in the left pockets of her pants and blouse and watch her crumble under her poor bone structure.

Love the username op... That's true!!! Lol... Old people are so ungrateful and mean sometimes...

Or how 'bout just people in general?

She has probably done this before. Everyone she did this too will let the next old person fall. She may not realize it, but old people can die from broken hips. I'm a nurse, I've seen it myself.

The joys of being old. Getting away with things you shouldn't.

Laxatives are like tic-tacs to the elderly.

She should've said thank you. Some elderly people are too grumpy.

I bet she is just upset nobody will voluntarily grope her.

Probably. And that's why she smirked as he got thrown out. Mean old grumpy people.

maybe grandma had a third nipple on her arm. Its possible, and that would also be considered groping

Old people can get away with anything. Who would want to grope a grandma in the first place.

Ewww no way. I'm not sure that I'd even catch someone when they fall now, thanks to FML and all the nice bystanders that get screwed for it. My plan when I get old was to run around with a colander on my head and scream about the 'Damn-Commies' .... I may soon have my chance if things keep going this way. But noooo old people are supposed to be mean now. :( what happened to the nice story-telling grandma who baked friggin cookies?!

Friggin cookies? Those are gross. I much prefer sugar cookies or chocolate chip.

Don't they have cameras in most stores that they could check to see that she was lying?

Yeah they're really going to risk calling an old woman a liar. Can you imagine if they were wrong, the HUGE apology they'd have to deal with. Better to believe her and have the customer be angry with the old lady, than check and risk bad publicity.

Not to mention how much more work that would be than simply just escorting OP out of the building. If OP were being charged or something though, that would be a different story.