By Anonymous - 10/07/2009 16:46 - United States

Today, I was going to do some laundry, with the washer and dryer I bought off of Craigslist for 150 dollars. The washer leaks and the dryer doesn't dry. So I called the guy and left an angry message about how the washer flooded my kitchen. In fact I just forgot to hook up the drain hose. FML
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What a coincidence. I happen to live in Texas and my upstairs neighbor forgot to hook up their drain hose and ended up flooding our place too! Perhaps you are my neighbor?

FAIL, double check next time


FAIL, double check next time

what about the dryer? it doesn't dry and I don't think you need a drain hose for that...

You're dumb. Where did you think the water was going to go?

That is why I don't do things like that on my own.

How could this not be a YDI? Seriously

yo mama so stupid, when she asked me what brand of jeans i'm wearing? and i replied "guess" she said "levis" you sir, are dumber than your mom. P.S. yo mama so ugly, even ripley couldn't beleive it

Well that was the dumbest response I've ever seen on this site.

It makes me sad how unfunny u are...really! @ the OP: what did u not do to the dryer?

YDI.. Your life is still fucked for that message x]

Congratulations! Your a fucking idiot!

Irony. "You're".

you are just an idiot. some guy just made easy money.