By 1234567898765432 - Canada
Today, I was going to a stoplight party. Green shirt=single, yellow=hard to get and red=taken. I show up wearing a red shirt and I see my boyfriend in a green shirt. Thinking it was a mistake, I ask him jokingly why he isn't wearing red. He looks at me weird and says, "Oh, you didn't get my text?" FML
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  RebeccaRFT  |  18

Why does everyone want to be broken up with over text? I mean, I don't want to be broken up with face to face, cause I'd definitely cry and it's humiliating. The next day, of course, or when I have calmed down, I'd like a face-to-face conversation to ask why, but I don't really get the whole 'you're a douche if you break up over text'

By  ozac  |  0

you're better off. if you get broken up with in a text, he obviously has no class, and never graduated high school, and is a douche of a scaredy cat when he has to confront something to someone. get over him and look for a new guy.

By  kisskiss_fml  |  0

u should've went out and got a green shirt and went back after knocking the douche on his ass. who breaks up thrugh a text message it just shows that he has no balls or the intiative to be a man to do it face to face