By GrLifeusx - 08/03/2009 04:03 - United States

Today, I was going to a Harry Potter convention since I love the books so much. On my drive there I got lost, and it only got worse when my car broke down. Since I forgot my cell phone I decided to try and hitch a ride. I stood on the side of a road for two hours dressed like Ron Weasley. FML
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Straka 0

see this is why people shouldn't be so nerdy, dressin up like a magical English fart, WTF

FYL_hardd 0

118 - It's not being "nerdy". The convention was themed Harry Potter, therefore the visitors were to dress as a character from the book. They're just really into it..

hellokittywhore 0

hehehe!! this made me giggle xD

#118 your a dick. People like to do that sort of stuff, doesn't mean there a 'nerd' **** stick.

Or better yet, should've taken the knight bus my friend

"English fart"? I'm English! We're not all "farts"!!

Rohit281 13

More like he should have "used" his wand. Spell is "reparo".

Assmilk 0

You didn't bring your flying broom with you? Idiot...

If only you were the real Harry Potter, you could have flown there.

hellokittywhore 0

he said he was Ron not Harry and I LMFAO at this, in my lit class.

Ron is totlly nmuch better. I don een like harry

gqduck 0

Aren't you allowed to change into your outfit when you get to the convention?

zachhh 0
Shippicus 0

ok. stupid motherf***er change when you get there. also. google. taxis. use them

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This wingman in particular portrays a huge role in the storyline