By WeezysBaby - 28/03/2009 22:13 - Canada

Today, I was going through my old MSN conversations. I then realized that when I first got MSN, I didn't know that messages you sent after people went offline would be delivered to them when they signed in. I used to type 'I love you' to my crush after every time he went offline. FML
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ME TOO!!! He never said a thing.

Actually, with earlier versions of MSN, offline messages weren't delivered. You couldn't even talk to someone appearing offline.


i think the "and...." is that she is embarresed because all the guys see that she typed in "I love you, your sexy, etc."

ME TOO!!! He never said a thing.

lol at least he didn't say anytin offending

it could have been worst or better... imagine if you used to type "i want to have sex with u ... "

exactly I can think of way worse things lol

Actually, with earlier versions of MSN, offline messages weren't delivered. You couldn't even talk to someone appearing offline.

This person speaks the truth. I used to develop software for msn.

"You couldn't even talk to someone appearing offline." But she was, meaning that he was getting her messages. - Forgot I was on random FML's and posted on a 3yr old post... o.o

Lol well that makes two of us, but you will never see this comment anyways.

I do that all the time. Damn! I did it again!

im never coming back to this comment and im proud!


Mads_1234 28

I am here, the world didn't end in 2012, don't worry.

Okay boys, stop spamming this thread. Back to topic pls! We still don't know if he never got the messages or if he just ignored them thinking op is crazy. I need answers...follow-up pls!

Six years later? Not gonna happen, bro.

I'm in 2015. What's MSN Messaging...? All we have is Snapchat Chats...

Here from December 2015. Greetings from the past.

Where's the follow up

OP will surely deliver

This FML is 8 years old now damn.

If you didn't get a message back saying that the message wasn't sent, it wasn't sent. If you sent it and nothing came back....well..heh, that kinda sucks.

D; That's kind of creepy yo.

bitch! like u would never do that, probably sitting on ur comp all day

You're creepy. And revoltingly trashy looking. Are you even in school?

Judgemental much?

Hmm... he stayed friends with you though, yes? He may not have reciprocated but he didn't block or avoid you. That's gotta be worth something surely. Go talk it over with him.

you are creepy.

means you're pretty new to msn if you can send offline msgs dont worry about it unless you're a guy writing that to a girl. any other person can get away with that without shooting themselves in the foot