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  feldco1  |  17

There's usually a ton of people and loud noise at a pep rally which makes it a good place to get away with it because everyone's focusing on other things. Unless OP did it in the middle of the room which is doubtful.

  sillyyanks  |  24

Sorry, I'm English, so this may sound ignorant. Does everyone hope to have their photo taken at a pep rally if they aren't cheerleaders or members of the sports team, or is this op just particularly attention seeking? Sorry if this sounds rude!

  MrsDruidess  |  23

pulling something, anything from your butt is private! OP should have been in the bathroom. Is it really that hard to excuse yourself and go to the bathroom?? Don't like underwear up your butt, try a thong. Its supposed to be there and its allot less fabric.
If it was outer clothing, like shorts or a skirt, that's easily done from the sides or from the bottom, so you don't have to shove your hand up your butt in public. Common sense people.
Sorry OP but YDI.

  SeahorseGuy  |  7

I had to take a picture with a club I'm in at school and my nose started itching terribly bad that I began scratching it with my upper lip. Well, they snapped the picture, and I'm making a terrible duck face in it.

  spaboolly  |  26

I suppose they don't feel they have anything better to invest their self-worth in. Personally I feel that accomplishments, relationships, and overall impact on the community would be a more appropriate metric to use.