By anonymous - United States - Denver
Today, I was going through a hard and painful break up after a long relationship. Trying to get over it, I invited my two best friends over to lift my spirits. The night ended with them making out on my bed as I sat alone in the other room. FML
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Actually, I'm a guy, this happened to me about 25 years ago, and the two friends involved were both women. Fortunately we all had a good laugh about it afterwards and were all still friends for a good long while after that.


  ohmandapants  |  16

Yeah because God forbid they're gay right? Just how far up your ass did you shove your head in order to be so ignorant?
It's awkward whether they were opposite genders or not. They were invited over to cheer up their friend and that's what they did instead.

  SexyQueen0905  |  24

I think that's B.S. First of all, these were people CLAIMING to talk God. How come people believe them and yet dismiss other "prophets." For me, they are all crazy guys on street corners or acid trips. Second, if there is a God, I don't think he would be a big enough asshole to condemn a group of people who can't change who they are. It's just like 200 years ago, when the bible was being used to justify slavery. The bible was written by homophobes, misogynists, and used as a tool by racists.

  furordei  |  2

I guarantee none of you fucks know anything about the bible. Your just spewing trash you hear from other fucks.

I would say I don't want about half the people that made the comments above to spawn babies into our world. Please.

  SexyQueen0905  |  24

Actually, 35, as a former Christian, I do know a good amount about the bible. I don't understand why you call me a fuck because I don't agree with you. I can assure you I am not. Name-calling isn't very "Christian" of you. Also I will ignore your request and have as many children as I want. (3)

  mango260  |  9

I just find it rude that OPs friends would makeout at your house, on your bed... Um it's your house and you can tell them that's inappropriate! That's very disrepectful.

  BunchieRules  |  31

I had heard about Nutella for a long time, but never tried it until recently. It is glorious. But back to the subject: OP, if things got that out of hand, it's your house and your bed. If they were making you uncomfortable and only making things worse for you, I'd say kicking them out is justified.