By kayin - United Kingdom
Today, I was giving a tour for parents who wanted to send their kids to our school. One of the parents had a kid on crutches with what appeared to be a broken leg, so I asked him how he broke it. He replied, "I was born like this." FML
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  starile  |  19

Why is it FYL? More like F Disabled Kid's Life! Except he can probably live out a happier, fuller life than our grief-stricken, insensitive OP here.

  paymeinhugs  |  2

feeling sorry and having pity for individuals with disabilities is exactly what limits them in our society! it's not their disability! it's our horrible intolerance to it! how would you feel if you were constantly pitied for having blue eyes? or brown hair? yes. it is the same thing! individuals with disabilities CAN and SHOULD function in our society the exact same way as any other human does! our schools our public facilities our attitude all limit these individuals! it's seriously bad! we should put these individuals in the center of our society and embrace any "difference" that exists!
instead have empathy! not pity. OP don't feel sorry! don't feel bad! you were only doing what is natural! though i understand your frustration at not understanding the child's situation! it's society that has put you in this place.

  persianjr1  |  7

Its not her fault. why the hell is the person on crutchtes if he/she was born like that!! they were lying. crutches are built for temporary injuries like a broken or sprianed leg! they were lying. dont fell bad :D

  dre_bro11  |  12

if you never ask questions you will never get anywhere in life. this was OPs lesson learned, and now op will probably be more careful when trying to strike up a convo with someone or asking them a question

  AceArctic  |  4

It's not like OP intended for that to happen. Most people would assume someone on crutches (unless they are that special kind) with what appears to be a broken leg, would think they broke their leg! (That sounds kind of redundant...)

  Tikwichka  |  5

I got the impression only one leg appeared damaged. By using crutches, their independence is also increased. Oh, and don't forget the mixed attitudes wheelchair users encounter.

  blo0_starZz  |  0

My thoughts exactly.. and why would he have a cast on it? If he was born with a leg like that, then I'm sure the cast would do no good.
Just saying.

|still alive|