By Anonymous - 16/07/2011 23:09 - United States

Today, I was given a DUI while in the Whataburger drive thru. FML
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shadowtrooper 0

hahaha dude stop drinking and driving

littlemissalex 3

Don't drink and drive, it's that simple. I dot care if you kill yourself doing it, but don't you dare kill an innocent person


shadowtrooper 0

hahaha dude stop drinking and driving

I agree. You deserve anything you get when you drink and drive.

Are you the guy from TFLN who went to work out drunk at 3 something in the morning after going to whataburger? cause if so double win on being here and on there in the same evening. but either way. don't drink and drive jerk. there's people trying to live on this planet. though you were in the states...

I typed a comment but accidentally clicked cancel D: FML(:

WallyTheWombat 0

Most people only go to whataburger when they are drunk. Kinda like the waffle house.

jackiemoonthepro 5

I don't get why they were breath testing in a drivethrough

flockz 19

dude whataburger is the shit.

that is why you always go to In and Out. they don't give you DUIs there

codyjeffers97 0

I got a DUI on my horse.

it matter where you are you were still drinking and driving

DontModMeDammit 10

Actually I think he was drinking and scadadaling.

CommonSenseKarma 17

If it can be thought it can be done. Just make sure you send in those requests forms to Jesus Christ if it is beyond the impossible.

Today, I got a DUI--oh you deserved it.

Cody you are 14 quit bullshhiting you young biitch

a_nutritionist 10

actually theres 2 ways this can be read today, i got what i deserved. today, i am a giant tool. im not sure which one applies more...whats also sad is that this idiot seems to think this is in some way unfair.

^ Cause he obviously thinks that he will be cooler if he drinks and drives. Man you gotta read between the lines, everything is there it can answer all the questions man. Just look at it man, become the words.

DUI: Dumbass Under the Influence

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

200- Your comment was epic. I could almost see smoke clouds when I read it lol. Even you cat looks blazed. Keep up the good work =D ..(thinks to self:I REALLY need a cannabis card..)

Were you drinking a Coke? Lolz

dang how drunk were you?

Zombies_Rule 0

47, I think you mean high?

Stroke_Her_Ace 15

I know this concept might seem strange and confusing to you OP so please read it more than once if necessary: Whataburger is not base, they can still tag you.

lawl why did this get voted done?

People like you suck the fun out of everything

fuck you

The question is were you ordering the Patty Melt???

Temi25 6

do they sell beer?

1215116a 14

No, fast food doesn't serve beer...

sourgirl101 28

"Sonic" does. Some sell beer and wine but you need to drink those on their patio, not in your car in the pull in spots or drive thru.

sell beer... in a DRIVE through, are you the stupidest person alive

In Texas we have drive through liqueur stores... if I spelled that right.

we have drive through bottle-o's. :/

there are drive through bottle shops in Australia. I thought it was strange when I first saw them but it's amazing how quickly you get used to things and can't imagine them any other way :)

doglover339 4

u didn't its spelled liquor :)

a_nutritionist 10

theres nothing wrong with drive thru bottle shops, because people arent going to drink on premises anyway. youre going there to buy something to take with you, so why not? the difference between driving in, getting out, purchasing and driving home is no different to driving in, placing an order, purchasing and driving home. the only changing variable is the convenience.

93- that counts as fast food?

Question is, how many Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits were ordered?

210- phone was showing 2 ways to autocorrect lol, thanks.

got those munchies

itsallgoodintheh 0

Wow don't drink and drive!!!!

Whataburger is the best munchies food EVER!!! that and pineapple. "Alright officer, I'll get in your car just as soon as I get my Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit"

itsallgoodintheh 0

why did so many people thumbs down Me??

Did you still get your food ? If not then damn, you must be hungry now lol.

dickydickman 0

the cop who gave him the ticket was probably drunk too

The cop who gave him the ticket probably stole his food.

stevendsi 0

how did that happen?

Naggerass 1

A cop probably saw him, dipshit.

or maybe they called the cops after he was completely wasted

Mc8005 9

I work as a Security Officer at a Whataburger in Corpus Christi (the original home-town of Whataburger). Drunks passing out in the drive-thru is a very common experience. Standard procedure is to instruct the drunk to pull out of the line so the other drivers can keep going through, and detain the drunk for the police. The drive-thru is a serious problem late at night on the weekends. I've had to step in and prevent fights, and even disarm one idiot who decided to draw a pistol because he was short on cash to pay for his order.

well... were you drunk?? or was it just really late at night & no one thought you could come to the drive thru

iTransform 8

OP was probably taking forever to order so the cop got pissed, hit the lights intending on scaring OP off, and got lucky because of OP's stupidity. Alcohol breath behind the wheel = NO NO

littlemissalex 3

Don't drink and drive, it's that simple. I dot care if you kill yourself doing it, but don't you dare kill an innocent person

From the way this is stated i don't even think the OP was drunk. Thats what i got from this.

To me the way this FML is written seems like he's made about getting the DUI in a drive through more than the fact he got a DUI in general. If he wasn't drunk, all he had to do was ask for a breathalyzer test to prove the cop wrong. Alot of drunk people go to a drivethru.

Sorry is going to say something similar to this so I'll just say it.... don't drink and type.

nickdeuel 0

he was doing drugs fuck nut u retarded dumb bitch go die shit head

jackrileymac 4


ambeeelove 0

I think ppl who drink && drive should be tried for attempted murder cuz that's exactly what there doing!

Noo.. You should know better. No matter how much I have had to drink I NEVER drive because I still understand the risks of it. People need to have a preplan before drinking.

DUI is "under the influence". Doesn't always fucking mean alcohol. Weed, pills, etc. can get you one. DWI is alcohol related.

hello Einstein he said he was given a DUI that means driving under the influence of anything and since he was ordering food he was probably really stoned not drunk.

word man these people don't know anything

NoobHat 6

Great icebreaker: "This one time at Whataburger..."

this one band camp

stevendsi 0

drunk under influence

Driving Under the Influence. DWI is Driving While Intoxicated. Same thing.

24- not the same thing.

that sir would be repetitive. its driving under influence

stevendsi 0

my bad :S sorry 14 for copying you

186- you didn't copy him... yours was incorrect and sounded stupid af

under the influence is drunk dumbass

^No, it isn't the same, driving under the influence can be medication, marijuana and alcohol. I'll tell you I've never gotten drunk by taking pain meds but I know I can't drive while under the influence of them.

Intoxication and being under the influence are the same thing.. You can be classed as intoxicated with any substance that impairs your judgement/ alters your mind.