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I find this FML offensive. How the fuck would you feel if a swollen tomato said "My farmer grew me for too long and now I look like a girl with a nasty spot on her chin. FML" Yeah, it wouldn't feel too good, would it?

Don't forget the spagetthi! ;)


Don't forget the spagetthi! ;)

blue waffle--- yummy yummy!!

I once had the unfortunate experience of being a tomato, my advice is to avoid your Italian part of town. Papa Giuseppe is still after me.

I think u might of had a bad reaction to the cream. that's sad!!

whoa 65 , you really think so?

Oh, yes. Goddamnit lk I love you, you just made my day. Obscure references ftw, spaghetti blasters on maximum power.

Maybe your date didn't care. Or did you just decide not to go?

try Clinique's acne system. its the only thing I could find to work

5th!!! yeah shoulda just popped

Maybe you should have applied it to your entire face so you'd be all one tone. Just sayin' it could work.(:

If you can't be pretty, at least be consistent!

Consistantly grotesque? I'm prettttty sure that wasn't exactly what OP was shootin for. xD

Same here! If anything, their moisturizer works miracles OP.