By wow - 09/08/2011 04:01 - United States

Today, I was getting my picture taken. The woman taking it told me to smile, so I did, showing my teeth. She said, "Please, be serious about this." Slightly offended, I smiled with my mouth closed. She then said, "If you can't be serious, we won't do this." FML
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Punch her in the face then yell "why so serious!?!?"

Cosmetic dentistry is advancing.


Cosmetic dentistry is advancing.

RedMegane 4

Can't please em all

Maybe she dint want you to smile at all not bcuz you smile is bad but bcuz the photo didnt call for it =3

It says in the FML the photographer told the person to smile.

Did you punch him?

dumaz 2

did you get the picture taken?

eminemchick 19

no, she never got it taken cuz the photographer refused to take a picture of such an offensive smile.D:

Today, I was working at my job as a photographer and this ugly girl came in. While I was taking her picture she kept making silly faces at me and laughing, so I had to kick her out. My boss read her FML and now I'm fired. FML.

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alex6946 10

I hate when people comment saying you should have slapped them, hit, punch or whatever. I think it's just stupid to say that, it's not like you would have gone up to the camera person and slapped the "poop" out of them

Me too, and it's not like they will just stand there and let you slap the poop out of them. whose to say they won't fight back and shove a tree up your ass

Whoever loses the poop needs to get the tree in their ass to keep it fresh.

Then how does she expect you to smile?

eminemchick 19

like so: :DDDD

twizzy21 0

I dont understand what she is wanting...

This is the part where you flip her off btw

Sweej 1

Nah... Flipping her off doesn't *quite* get the message across... I would go with #7's response.

A flip off is a much better photo op though! -bird- -click!- "Perfect!"

Haha there's no pleasing some people!

Punch her in the face then yell "why so serious!?!?"

Yo, bro, I love you. That made my fucking day. Although, it is 5 in the morning... SO, most likely something will top that. Yeah, uh, bye.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

Gosh OP get serious

I'm afraid no.7 beat u to it by 2 posts :(

Inspired22 11

Wow, she's got a way of charming her clients into smiling. I wonder what kind of results she gets.

OakChair 14

She's an expert at accurately capturing anger, frustration and hate.