By wow - United States
Today, I was getting my picture taken. The woman taking it told me to smile, so I did, showing my teeth. She said, "Please, be serious about this." Slightly offended, I smiled with my mouth closed. She then said, "If you can't be serious, we won't do this." FML
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  ktateprado  |  0

Today, I was working at my job as a photographer and this ugly girl came in. While I was taking her picture she kept making silly faces at me and laughing, so I had to kick her out. My boss read her FML and now I'm fired. FML.

  alex6946  |  10

I hate when people comment saying you should have slapped them, hit, punch or whatever. I think it's just stupid to say that, it's not like you would have gone up to the camera person and slapped the "poop" out of them

  demarcusT  |  0

Me too, and it's not like they will just stand there and let you slap the poop out of them. whose to say they won't fight back and shove a tree up your ass