By eatmyshipoopie - 18/12/2009 15:20 - United Kingdom

Today, I was getting it on with my boyfriend when my dad opened the door. I thought I hadn't been seen because the door was only open a tiny bit. I then looked into the mirror by the door to see my dad's reflection, staring at mine, horrified. I was on top. FML
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YDI, I feel sorry for your dad tbh

hope you were using protection then your dad shouldn't be as mad... nice job having sex with parnets home



lol it would have been werid if your dad got hard

ewwww 55 that's gross!!!! :P

was he in the middle?

YDI, I feel sorry for your dad tbh

Nope, her dad could have knocked on the door. It's called privacy.

Not if it's her dad's house. If he pays the mortgage then he can walk into any room in his house anytime he wants.

You knock to be polite. No one had the right to be rude but mostly you knock so you don't run into situations like these. I don't have a lock on my door so my mom knocks, incase in changing.

hope you were using protection then your dad shouldn't be as mad... nice job having sex with parnets home

Who is da model on ur photo?

Wats da name of da model on ur profile pic??

Wats da name of da model in ur profile pic?

Get a lock or put something on your doorhandle?

YDI for being on top was your bf too wimpy to be on top or does he just like being dominated?

So you think not being on top is wimpy? Maybe some guys don't necessarily see sex as some kind of power struggle. Sort it out!

Steve must not know much about this sort of subject. Guys don't have to be on top all the time. Different positions are fun, and don't mean you are a wimp. Just means you know how to have fun with more than one position. Plus, didn't you know she cannot get pregnant if she is on top Steve (joking...)

I refer to the wisdom of Hank Moody. Women on top frees your hands up to roam around. It's like sexual bluetooth.

#15, I love you for that comment.

I think I will marry #15's comment

YDI for being a slut in someone else's house. & unmarried. You might as well fuck your father too, you are already a slut. #15 But, if they are on top, how do you prevent them from running away? Rope? But, wouldnt they choke you with it, like Leia did with Jaba? OIC, she is on top, but her hands are still tied behind her back. Thanks, its been very educational. (takes notes). :) Seriously though, #42 they should NOT fuck at all. Honestly, not only should doctors notify parents if their kid(s) get an abortion, but the kids should be registered on some kind of sexual offenders list. They have no rights until they are 18, these sluts (of both genders) are part of why society is shit now. Honestly, sometimes muslims have the right idea. Stone 'em. They are endangering the entire group for their own selfish carnal desires.

#43 you are a hipocrytical piece of shit :) merry f***ing christmas

#43 you clearly have never had sex and probably in all likely hood will never have sex. I feel sorry for you. truely i do.

Cobramorph, FYI me and my boyfriend were visiting my parents for the weekend and they were out at the time, they just happened to come home during. Also we are both consenting 20 year old adults who use contraception in a 5 year long, monogamous relationship. Go relieve some stress and get laid.

42 doctors should need to notify parents, bc killing babies should be illegal

how the hell is woman in top wimpy or dominating? can't it just be _fun_?

eew # 49 got laid???!! poor guy lmao

YDI for being disrespectful and having sex with your dad in the house or even in his house.

He's got a point well mainly about the in the house part

Kinda creepy that he only opened the door far enough to peek in and see you in the mirror.....

Did you finish?