By rolyat - United States - Rochester
  Today, I was getting intimate with my girlfriend for the first time. When I took my underwear off, she looked at my penis, snorted, and covered her mouth. She claimed that her "allergies" were flaring and we have to wait until they clear up. FML
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Oh yea, that's exactly what I said. Its not like I said its too vague to judge the situation. You don't know OP, nor do I. For all we know they could be the worst person in the world, or maybe the nicest. The point is WE DON'T KNOW. And so you know "we don't know if they deserve it" =/= "they deserve it". Don't jump to conclusions. (this being directed at 74). Either way I'm sure it will be down voted. Just getting in the last punch here.

  GawdamitNappa  |  4

171- Are all of your comments meant to target the gramatical errors of others, even though the intent of their comments can be understood by most of the non-retarded community on this site?

  emilyjgraham  |  34

184, people don't correct grammar so that dimwits can read it, it's to correct those who can't write a simple sentence without using the correct punctuation/spelling!

  mhopper  |  13

Actually size doesn't matter. If a guy has a large penis but only lasts for a minute, it's a total waste. If a guy is decent sized, lasts for 20+ minutes and makes it interesting, it clearly makes for better sex than minute man.