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  Today, I was getting intimate with my boyfriend for the first time. I went down on him, only for him to burst into tears halfway through. Apparently, I do it just like his long-lost teen sweetheart did. I swear I could feel him go completely limp in my mouth. FML
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  morganrules123  |  10

When I was a kid I thought I'd get pregnant from being kissed on the cheek but I'm only 15 so I guess I'm different then my generation.

  TheRealHouse  |  7

You must obtain his man card, and turn it in at once. and yes you have to do it, he does not even deserve the honor of turning it in himself. The bright side for you op though is that you have full rights to keep his balls in your purse, but don't worry, they won't take up too much space.

  Johnny2by4  |  0

be quiet mad girls, you're all just mad that you don't have a guy who cares about emotions because you date jerks. it is okay if he burst into treats, it shows he is human and has feelings too. he doesn't only want sex because he has a genuine care for people

  mgsoloist  |  14

119 is gay. Sorry but if a guy starts crying over someone a long time ago, he is clearly not ready for another relationship, and he's a pansy. And not to be stereotypical, but I haven't cried over a relationship and I'm a girl. I would laugh if he started crying mid-blowjob because of how ridiculous it is.

  Jammy01jams  |  2

131 = Heartless bitch.

You know there's this thing it's called feelings.

Clearly this guy wasn't ready, I don't blame him though breaking up with someone you loved is hard, and getting into a new relationship is the easiest way for a guy to move on and try to forget.

  mgsoloist  |  14

But you shouldn't put someone else through that if you're getting over someone. If it bothers then that much, then they should go through a healing process, but don't bring someone else into the mix, making it harder.

  chickenpie90  |  16


  sleepyolivia  |  14

119: I'd be so mad if my boyfriend did this, not because he's crying but because he's mentioning an ex-lover in the presence of his current one which is really rude. There are very few off limits topics for relationships, but exes is definitely one and anyone with half a brain should know that.

  StoryOfTheYear  |  13

90- Jello thru a blender would result in chopped pieces of jello
Hopefully you are not implying that the same result happened to the OP's BF
If so, OP must've been pretty dang pissed that he went all buzzkill on her

By  jbluebird923  |  0

Wow. But shouldn't that be a turn off for you..?

By  oneleggedbeauty  |  0

So try going harder? Maybe doing it more sexy?

  22cute  |  17

Yes, but to be thinking of the ex instead of enjoying the efforts of his here & now girlfriend is selfish and pointless.
He can have that emotion alone.