By 1danzo1 - Australia
Today, I was getting a haircut. I had my foils in for about 10 minutes when the fire alarm went off. The building then started to fill with smoke and we evacuated. While outside watching the fire being put out, I forgot about my foils. I now have bright bleached yellow and orange hair. FML
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  perfectwinds  |  0

Lawsuit? You're freakin' retarded. All it takes is some blue toner and she'll have a beautiful shade of blonde. And it's not like it was the salon's fault that their building caught on fire!! What were they supposed to do? "Hey, Mr. Fireman, can you stick that hose on my client's hair?"

  studentwoes  |  2

Right. Their business is on fire and their main concern is making sure the customer leaves with picture perfect hair, even though they now lack a salon in which to DO the hair.

  musikbox  |  0

OP, I'm really sorry.

It wasn't your fault, but it can be corrected easily.

Green toner will counteract orange and red tones. If you use green shampoo, it'll help. I know Pert is green.

If your hair is a pale yellow color, white toner will counteract the yellow tones, making it platinum.

Your hair isn't ruined, and I hope that the salon offers to fix it for free.

For everyone else:

bleaching your hair is not that bad for you.

I've been bleaching my hair for over four years with 30 and 40 vol developer.

My hair isn't broken, gummy, damaged, nor have I ever had to cut it off.

If you condition, use protein treatments, give your hair a break every once in a while, and stay away from hot styling products, then hair will be in pretty good condition. It's all about knowing how to take care of it properly.

It CAN break if you don't know what you're doing and just try to bleach it straight to white. Never, ever do that.

You must always bleach until it turns pale lemon, like the inside of a banana, then use a white toner, and you will have platinum hair.

Also, don't try to bleach from black to platinum. That is very, very difficult and best left to a professional.


just throwing this one out there... bleach doesn't fade. your hair grows out and that's about it. trust me, I'd know.

you can go to a sallys and get toners which will help a lot. I promise.

  caligal14  |  0

Thank you, 45. I agree.

Also, I'm sure no one actually DIED in the fire she is talking about, otherwise I'm sure she wouldn't have posted it because her story would have seemed much less sucky.