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Today, I was fooling around with my boyfriend in his room. He grabbed me behind the head to pull me in for a hard, romantic kiss. He accidentally smashed my nose into his cheekbone, and my nose started gushing blood and continued to bleed for over 2 hours. It's broken, and he just laughed. FML
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By  flinkpamingo  |  0

Well, welcome to a glimpse of your future with him. You don't laugh at someone you care about when they are hurt. Especially when it"s something you caused. He is NOT worth the effort.

  CFR  |  0

lol #15
OP: I'm all for passion and stuff, but really, did he have to be that rough? What are you going to tell your parents or your friends? =S

By  bahdspeler  |  0

THIS IS FAKE. He would have pull as hard as he could t o break it. why would someone do that? and a cheek is pretty soft, so even if he did pull hard, it still wouldn't break.

  xMooMoox  |  0

I agree with you. Why would someone do it that hard unless they were intentionally trying to break the other persons nose? And if they were trying to break the other persons nose there has to be an easier way since your cheek would take some impact too.


Have you ever broken your nose? It really doesn't take THAT much pressure. I hate when people take the fun out of secrets by feebly attempting to debunk them. Your tries at being smarter than everyone else have failed. Also, your jaw is normally really prominent and without any real meat on it, it'd be a lot more easy to break your nose on that rather than say your arm or leg.