By didntevenknow - 13/08/2012 15:06 - Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

Today, I was fooling around on Omegle, when I came across a guy who claimed he could suck himself off. I was doubtful, but morbidly curious, so I told him to prove it. Turns out he could. Before I could close the browser window in horror, my dad walked in and got a good look too. FML
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BubbleGrunge 18

I'm slightly curious if your dad was not at least a tad impressed. I mean, who wouldn't want that ability??

I'm not sure if I should click Your Life Sucks or You Deserved it, but either way, this is beautiful.


This doesnt make sense, he walked in through the window? Ohh haha nevermind i see, it's the window on the computer

He meant window as in Internet browser window

Window is not written in this FML. **** the both of yous

17- Actually it says "browser window." Window is in the FML.

6- OP is a female. You're correct, but that's the reason you're getting thumbed down.

#1 your ******* stupid If you were trying to be "sarcastic" well you failed.

This is the most redundant comment I've seen on FML in a long time...

Not sure if grammar nazi fail, or complete moron...

Lol no actually i was confused, but you win the title of ****** of the internet, so go suck yourself off and have fun with that

Thank you, i understood that right when i was touching send, but thanks for a serious answer

The fml was edited, it only said window to start off with, not browser window which is why i was confused.

So what, 68? Even if it just said "window", it's blatantly obvious what the OP meant. If you spent less time trying to be a smartass and more time shutting up, we'd all be a lot happier. Personally, I think you're just making up excuses, not even logical ones.

Im not making ******* excuses i was actually confused, **** do you get enjoyment from being an asshole to random people on the internet??

I dunno, I just get kicks from mocking stupid people. Was your comment intentionally ironic, or was that just an unintended bonus for me?

I like how this guy has such a GREAT social life that he's fighting over a mistake on the Internet! Let it go man..

Well, when it said the father walked into the room, i immediately thought door, so when i read the bit above it again, window in my head did not click as browser window, simply as a window

76- sorry, i just get a bit defensive when i make a "simple mistake" and basically get judged as a retard for it.

ripresno 10

This chain of replies on 1's comment is just one fail that got bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger.

Damn i wish i could just delete the comment lol i feel stupid and everyone is wasting their time

94- A piece of advice then? Just breathe, relax and accept we all make mistakes. Just let it go, do better next time, and no one will care about the past. If it makes you feel better, my first comment ever was a complete bomb.....and nobody gives a shit. :) Okay? Okay. :) Chill.

94 - At least you used the correct "their". You may be one step closer to redemption because of this.


112 - This is the biggest fail I've seen in a long time. /loses faith in humanity

BunchieRules 31

121 - Maybe 112 was replying to 48. Either way, he should have made it clear who he was replying to.

Why was this comment being thumbed down?

Just yall thumb me down! i f#cking dare you!

If you'd paused for a moment to try to work out the confusion before jumping on trying to comment first you wouldn't have looked so stupid. You don't have anyone to blame but yourself for this.

Regardless of whether you were confused, you obviously figured it out, it was written in your comment. So basically all you did is write out your thought process, and waste the number 1 comment spot.

146- would you rather me have said "First!" ?

infernno 23

Lol, wheres my popcorn when I need it. I love it when people argue over pointless shit.

The irony of u saying that when u have practically 30 thumbs down :'D

BubbleGrunge 18

I'm slightly curious if your dad was not at least a tad impressed. I mean, who wouldn't want that ability??

Umm, I would be fine without being able to suck my own dick.

Psych101 9

I wouldn't want to either, but you can't deny that it is impressive.

I wouldn't. I rather not give myself a *******.

People who would want too are disgusting.

noelykins1 19

Well think about it. If a guy doesn't want to be able to suck his own dick what makes you think we want to suck your dick? 0.o

Noel, I know plenty of girls who absolutely adore sucking a guy off. Like, it's a huge fetish of theirs. For some, they are being subservient and they love that, whereas others feel as though the mans emotions and feelings and his most trusted bit of who he is is locked in their hand/mouth. Power trip in a way. I would hate to do oral on myself, simply for the fact I just hate the idea of giving oral. I'll leave the sucking to my GF. :-). She enjoys it. :)

Reeserr 3

30- no woman wants to lick her own ****** either, but it doesn't stop them from liking guys to go down on them. Same shit.

elletex 8

There are plenty of women who genuinely love giving oral. Yeah, it is a bit of a power trip. It feels awesome knowing you can make that person feel good and just lose control.

mphoolid 3

Now that's what I'm talking about

92- I'd love to be able to lick my own ******.

All fun and ganes until you get a mouthful of semen.

I'm sure he was. It surely isn't something you usually see in a lifetime, so yeah, YOLO.

Your poor gf Nekagomi - no oral for her but lots for you. Sweet. You’d better be damned amazing w your hands/dick then!

Hope you enjoyed the show, and that it was worth the mortification!

That's something I would like to see someone do. Just out of curiosity. Seems like something pretty impossible. But I guess you can remove your ribs or be a gymnast.

I know right, Omegle & chatroulette are so risky to be on if anyone else is home, you never know who or what'll pop up next..

That comment was for the person who didn't understand window

I get this now i just had a stupid moment for a second

64 just stop talking, and move on. It's getting kinda sad really..

Pinkpoogle 3

Ahh, the crazy but talented people of omegle. Hope your family isn't scarred for too long.

Yea, she knew what she was looking for on Omegle ;) hahaha!

I'm not sure if I should click Your Life Sucks or You Deserved it, but either way, this is beautiful.

If you're on the app, you can click both! Always handy for those indecisive fml's!

#49: Or don't click at all. A positive and a negative negate each other. (+1)+(-1)=0

perdix 29

Clearly, it's the guy on your screen who sucks.

rems109 5

That's an awkward situation.. You could either explain in awkward detail your curiosity about not believing the guy, or you could awkwardly go on in silence and never mention it again...

Dad:"Hey sweetie, about last night—" OP:"DON'T TALK ABOUT IT!"

I think both of you should've shared a nice natured laugh. You don't see things like that every day!