By Ouchithurt - 04/08/2009 07:55 - United States

Today, I was following my girlfriend up the stairs, I was pretty sure I was going to get lucky. As I was almost up the set of stairs, she lifted her skirt and revealed to me that she wasn't wearing any panties. I fell backwards down the stairs. FML
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omg, wow., lol!!!! u must have been blown away with wat u saw

Hope you got sympathy sex


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why don't you just write a proper comment instead of that first-crap? you'll still be first!

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I feel like im in a graveyard or something... everyone is buried

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Welcome to the f*ckyard!

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HEEEEY YA! *ftw*

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I'd do the same thing if my girlfriend did that to me. Course, she's the type to not even notice....

did it smell that bad?

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Ooooo #1 your cool?

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Oh, you're first? Please tell me how your comment is better than everyone else's.

yeah cuz cracked open skulls are part of everyone's daily routine.

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I don't get why people bury anyone who's first, even if they don't say first!!! Sorry on behalf of all the others, this hppened to me before. I for one understand how exciing it is to be first. :)

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So do I, except the FML where I was first was deleted. Life's unfair.

I am really wondering how boring your life must be when being first is something that excites you that much... I mean, I already feel lame for wasting my time on fml. get a life!!!

Laleyla = meanie >:( you get a life. Don't judge...

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You def still got some after. no problem here.

omg, wow., lol!!!! u must have been blown away with wat u saw

maybe she queefed

it looks like an ooold catchers mitt.

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you're probably just mad cause you're stuck with the number 8 lol j/k #1 is totally a dork and we should all give him the thumbs down!

Hope you got sympathy sex

Guilt sex. It's better.

scrubs... nice

TwistedFury25 4

More like sympathy head... o_O

why would you fall

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hahahah this is more a fail than a fml:))

will you guys stop being such jerks?! I'm sorry I was happy about something. I didn't mean to ruin your f"cked up lives. Sorry.