By LAXsucks - 20/10/2009 01:10 - United States

Today, I was flying home from LAX when I realized I left my ID back at the hotel. After making phone calls to the hotel and rental car company, I found it and made it back to the airport in time for my flight. After going through security, I realized I left my cell phone on the hotel counter. FML
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why is your name LAXsucks? The airport didn't make you retarded, that was all you.

Tether all of your important belongings to your body. You can make a new fashion statement.


I would turn your phone off prettyyyy soon if I were you... and possibly get a new one.

Sounds like you have Alzheimer's, old lady.

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Only a female...

ever heard of a check list

YDI for not checking to make sure you had everything after you got the item you already had forgotten.

Well she can't turn it off if it isn't even with her...

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# 65: wow you're dumb...

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No you suck

Tether all of your important belongings to your body. You can make a new fashion statement.

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I say the Bruno velcro suit would be helpful in that situation.

I haven't seen Bruno yet. I downloaded it, but like...the audio is really awful, so I haven't sat and watched it.

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It was terrible. I walked into the theatre I worked at just to check the temperature and that one scene was enough for me. And OP, it's called MAIL.


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you fail at life.

It's just a phone. You can get a new one. Or you can claim it got stolen. YDI for complaining.

haha, idiot. Just get them to post it to you.

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Wow... you really are an idiot. Do you need your mommy to hold your hand too?

Ugh that sucks. What a pain in the ass. Totally something I would do; I'm always forgetting things, haha. Sorry you had such a bad experience, OP!

Just think more often. It should help.