By babysitter93 - 22/07/2009 12:17 - United States

Today, I was fired from the babysitting job I have had for 2 years. I thought maybe the mother had found out that I sometimes let her kids stay up late and have extra sweets. The real reason, as she told me, was that she didn't want her kids loving anyone more than they love her. FML
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chiodosluvr 0

wow no wonder why her kids love you more... lol.

Sucks that you lose your job because she's a bitchy mother. FYL.


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YDI for being awesome

I replied to this comment just so i can be on top. Get mad. Yell at me.


poop tastes good on mashed potatoes

chiodosluvr 0

wow no wonder why her kids love you more... lol.

couldn't agree more.

me 2......i cant believe why sum ppl said YDI thatz nonsense.. ....that mom is a crazy b1tch....

Yeah, I know! Eliminating the competition is the dumbest way to try and get your kids to love you more. Plus, how can you actually see how much a kid loves someone? If you indulge them and give them lots of sweets and late nights and stuff, of course they'll ACT like they love you the most; but that's not what it's about. While raising kids: the only aim to try and bring them up to be decent, happy people. Some parents are far more concerned about getting their kids to like them.

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This FML is fake. A similar was posted like two days ago.

yeah because things happen once and only once right?

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Why is her mom a bitch for that? She's not eliminating the competition. She thinks she's being replaced, and the fact that they like her babysitter better makes her feel as if she's not spending enough time with her children. I'm sorry. That's just awful for both you and her. She should have lied to you and told you that they didn't need one anymore or something.

awe that sucks :/ hopefully the kids will beg for u to come back

jb16_fml 0

that really sucks. maybe the mom is a bad parent and the kids just like you better because ur nicer to them?

Sucks that you lose your job because she's a bitchy mother. FYL.

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I moderated this. :D

Well I moderated your mom last night!

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Really? And how'd that go?

I've recorded this. FML.

It was very unexciting, it was being moderated. And filmed apparently...


That just flat out sucks. You were trying to be a likable, and nice person, succeeded, and now you're fired. Life sucks sometimes. FYL.

Exactly. Did the mom want you to be mean to her childeren so they'd hate you? But then she'd fire you anyway so it was a lose-lose situation.

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Yes that really does suck. I would ask not to be in he class :p

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There's a definite reason those kids like you more than her. I feel bad for the poor husband, if there is one.

haha you will make a good parent :)

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that is terrible D: