By babysitter93 - / Wednesday 22 July 2009 12:17 / United States
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Yeah, I know! Eliminating the competition is the dumbest way to try and get your kids to love you more. Plus, how can you actually see how much a kid loves someone? If you indulge them and give them lots of sweets and late nights and stuff, of course they'll ACT like they love you the most; but that's not what it's about. While raising kids: the only aim to try and bring them up to be decent, happy people. Some parents are far more concerned about getting their kids to like them.


Why is her mom a bitch for that? She's not eliminating the competition. She thinks she's being replaced, and the fact that they like her babysitter better makes her feel as if she's not spending enough time with her children.

I'm sorry. That's just awful for both you and her. She should have lied to you and told you that they didn't need one anymore or something.

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