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Today, I was fired from my job for breaking my company's tattoo policy. I have a small scar on my wrist that roughly resembles a heart. My boss insists that it's one of those white ink tattoos. No one will believe me. FML
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I think I would be filing a complaint with the corporate office.

This must be a case of unfair dismissal. I can't see your location but in the UK you could probably get the police involved.


I think I would be filing a complaint with the corporate office.

I agree, it's easy to get a doctor who will confirm it

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1, and filing a lawsuit (unless OP works in a At-Will state, in which there doesn't have to be a reason for firing). OP said she was fired over her supposedly tattoo but if it doesn't state that in the termination paperwork, then it will be hard to prove any wrong doing on the company's side.

If they don't give a reason in the termination paper work then again, wrongful dismissal, dismissal for no good reason. If it is a big company they may well give you a few weeks wages just to avoid the legal battle. Even if it is not that easy, at a minimum your old boss will get a negative review for the year. See a lawyer or legal advisor first, because your letter has to be worded in a way where it does not sound like blackmail. Otherwise go to the department of labour.

-32 I love you...

This must be a case of unfair dismissal. I can't see your location but in the UK you could probably get the police involved.

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OP you should bring your boss to a tattoo parlor so he can hear them tell you it's not a real tattoo

It sounds like his boss was just looking for any reason to fire him. Even if he proves his case the boss will find another reason. Best of luck OP

2, OP is in the United States. :)

Some states in the US are "Right To Work" states. You can be fired for any reason at any time. Regardless of how long you've been with the company, or whether there is a legitimate reason or not. The cops don't care, nor is it a valid reason for them to get involved.

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It's "at will employment." The right to work is something completely different, regarding your legal right to employment.

That's rough, but if your boss want you gone, he/she will find a reason.

People successfully get settlements from companies who hire stupid managers all the time. Possibly this manager could have found a legitimate reason, but he didn't. And half the office knows what happened. If it is a big company she has a good chance of getting a few weeks wages for complaining, to buy her silence. If this manager has been a problem in the past they might even sack him -- he is costing the firm money and goodwill.

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I know this sounds weird, but can they legally fire you for something like that?! Obviously you had it there when you started, am I wrong? I'd look into this and maybe try to get something out of it.

Who said op had it when he was hired.. It's a scar not a birthmark. Any number of things can cause a scar...

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If you sign an at will employment agreement and break a company policy, yes you can be fired.

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Except that OP didn't break policy.

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It says his boss thought it was a white scar, takes a while for a scar to get white, so unless OP has been there a very long time he could have had it when he was hired.

No, it says the boss thought it was a white ink tattoo and not a scar. Big difference. Besides, a contract stating a no tattoo policy being broken with a tattoo is grounds for termination because you are breaking an agreement you made.

But op didn't break any policy.

That's why you shouldn't wear your heart on your sleeve....or wrist.

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Whilst I personally don't like tattoos, I don't think that such policies should be put into place - it is the choice of the individual. Perhaps if the company wanted to upkeep a certain image, then covering up/no facial tattoo is reasonable, but OPs work shouldn't dictate what OP does with themself.

While I agree, I do undderstand why my employer has the same rule. We are an establishment that caters to families and some tattoos are offensive. Instead of opening the door to defining which tattoos are acceptable and which aren't, it's just straightforward, absolutely none that are visible at all. All applicants know this when submitting their applications. Too bad OPs boss doesn't know the difference between a scar and a tattoo.

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92- Even though I do not have a tattoo, I take offense to your "riff raff commonly associated with tattoos" comment. It wad uncalled for and highly judgmental.

113 kill yourself

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Isn't there some test you can do to prove it.

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Of course, they can say they are upholding a certain standard for their clientele.

They can also not hire you if you have visible tattoos... I've been turned down for quite a few jobs simply because I have love tattooed on my left wrist. It sucks, and it seems like more companies would be more accommodating, but guess not.

Even more bizarre: my company won't hire you if you smoke. They tested for it in my urine.

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A lot of companies in the US refuse to hire people with visible tattoos. Refusing to hire those who smoke and drink is becoming more common and there are a lot of health centered places that won't even hire those who 'use caffeine.'

This shouldn't be voted down, it's a fair question. People in other countries hear us screaming about freedoms and they think we actually have them. In the US, the employers have a lot of stupid criteria they can force on employees to maintain "image" or any other excuse they want. So long as the requirement doesn't mess with someone's religion, they can demand pretty much anything (and even that's sketchy depending on how popular your religion is). Visible tattoos are often cause for dismissal. At McDonalds, if you're a guy with a pierced ear they technically can require you cover the piecing with a band-aid (though most stores don't enforce that idiocy). Tattoos, strange hair colors, piercings, etc are all seen as unnecessary and thus not protected.

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31, there is a girl at my work who effectively covers her wrist tattoo with a watch. If yours is small enough, or you find a big enough watch, you might be in the clear.

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Laurenlou 24


Laurenlou 24

81- We have freedom from oppressive government. (Although, we are getting more and more rights taken away, we are still very free from government.) The reason these employers can make such policies is because they are "free" to do so. Government doesn't run that. They are their own business. FREE ENTERPRISE! HELLO! The government of the US has nothing to do with said policies.

83: that's my plan now! I had an interview for a restaurant, so imma have to find a nice pretty watch to cover it up :)

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83, I'm glad I could help out a fellow tattooed member of the workforce. :)

Sorry if it seems like a stupid question to you, I just never heard of anything like this. The few times I can recall when an employer has tried to fire someone because of how they look is rare, and the papers allways write about the company/workplace doing it and how wrong it is. You live and learn ^.^, it must suck to have those rules :/.

I thought it was a reasonable question.

Poor OP, I bet you're heartbroken...

Cool scar though!

I have one on my elbow that looks exactly like the 'Nike' logo. Almost faded now, but still visible. I don't see the problem with tattoos, I personally wouldn't get any, but I am not against them at all. I know people that have face/neck tattoos and they have jobs dealing in customer service. And another guy with a scar going from his should, up his neck, cheek, and then goes towards the ear, and he works for my father dealing face to face with customers and nobody minds it at all. People care too much about image, my dad believes in second chances so he don't care what you look like, he'll give you a shot. My dad is one of those guys whose reference means a lot to other people.