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  meade34  |  2

how bad does it suck that they are hated enough to get shot and that the employer was just waiting for some excuse to fire them. how worthless are you

  shift_love  |  13

#75,92,99 all of y'all are being just as racist as #44 cracker is a racial slur invented by the African Americans to bring white people down, not all white people that are racist are "toothless cousin fuckers" nor do they participate in the kkk. everybody is racist this whole race battle needs to calm the fuck down because I think the most common form of racism is currently contrived of the black man hatin on the white man. fyl 75,92&99 fyl op talk to hr about your termination proove with doctors notes im sure you can get ur job back.

  FFAffliction  |  0

44s comment was a racial slur for African Americans, 92 by that logic the majority of inner-city, well let's just say all African Americas are cousin fuckers who live in double wides, because they use that term too.

  jcowsert2  |  5

147 I think u mean 75, 92, and 100.. and as you can see, 92 and 100 are white... so your statement, "I think the most common form if racism is contrived if the black man hating on the white man", is irrelevant bc they are white people hating on white people....


I'm a cracker eating white boy and proud of it. White Power! I mean that in a totally non-racist way, just think about it before you give me some bullshit lecture. Are you not proud to be black, are you not proud to be hispanic? If you don't support your own team, get the hell outta the stadium.

  xilen007  |  3

#4 you are gorgeous!!! and I'm willing to bet he was suckin some "crack" out of his suga daddy. then his baby momma done seen all jealous and was like "b**ch". he got shot, then burger king fired him for forgetting to put a patty on the bread. it's a common problem with fast food across black America!

  Panguitch  |  3

He shot himself to show his alter ego that he wasn't afraid. He got rid of the alter ego, but sadly lost his job in the process. I would say it was worth it.

By  IdontWanna69  |  8

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  NavySEAL13  |  0

I've got shot and it doesn't feel pretty it stings and that's a small bullet a big one like a sniper hurts and bleeds a lot more. He proudly got shot by a 9mm or a .45 ACP

  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

181 - If they've been shot, the first thing they're gonna do is go to the ER. Really? You clicked YDI because they didn't call while they were possibly bleeding half to death? As long as they had a valid doctor's note, the whole situation should have been fine. Most businesses don't fire people for not coming in as long as the employee can prove there was no way in hell they could have come in and it wasn't their fault.

  ifiFaLL  |  1

move on? id pursue this further... getting shot is serious shit, and if thats really what happened and he was fired for not going to work because of getting shot. thats bullshit and would never fly.