By Anonymous - 19/05/2015 11:43 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I was fired for not asking a senior citizen for proof that he was over 21 and legally allowed to purchase alcohol. When I told my manager he was clearly over 21, he replied, "But what if he WASN'T?" FML
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crazy kids and their drama class. of course he was under make up to look over 60!

Wow, your boss is an idiot


Wow, your boss is an idiot

His EX-boss is an idiot.

not really some places it's company policy to ask any one no matter there age

Stiggy626 25

Indiana law requires you to ask everyone. or people who look under 40 for cigarettes

crazy kids and their drama class. of course he was under make up to look over 60!

That actually happened where I live haha. A 12 or 13 year old kid dressed up as an old lady with make up and everything and managed to buy alcohol

Number 78 how'd you figure it out? Or did you know the whole time and let him walk out.....

Oh it didn't happen to me personally! I read about it in the paper:

Sometimes it's obvious, but where I work it's required no matter what. I'll often joke with the customer about the policy when it's obvious they aren't under age

I love getting asked to show ID because for some reason people think I'm well into my 30's :/

Steffi3 40

If he wasn't, I'm not getting whatever skincare product they're using

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"Epidermists love him."


Sometimes when it's strictly by the book thing, it just it... You have a valid point and so does he... Sorry, you had to lose your job over it... A reprimand would have sufficed though...

It's totally illegal to do that, anyone over the age of 35 or looks over the age of 35 does not need to be IDed and the fact they fired you because of that could be a lawsuit for unlawful termination.

depends on where you are, in Wisconsin it's 40

You can't pull that lawsuit card in every state. Virginia is a right to work state. If they want to fire you they can without reason.

In the UK it's 25, although that's not even the law.

Some bars and liquors stores have policies where they have to card everyone, no matter how old they look.

Wrong, each state has their own law, and each company has their own policies. You can't just make a stupid sweeping statement like that.

rocker_chick23 27

It isn't illegal everywhere. The store near me has to card everyone regardless if they look old.

Not needing to be carded and must not be carded are completely different. That law just means you or your business will not be in trouble for not making sure someone is of age if they appear over 40 or what ever the age is. Kind of a dumb law because what if you don't card someone that is 38 because you thought they looked 40? Anyway, it is up to the business if they want to card everyone, and many places do have "we card EVERYONE" policies. There is nothing illegal about that and you can get fired if you violate the policies of your employer.

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Is there someone higher up than your manager you can speak to? Surely someone there is smarter than him! Good luck OP!

There are medical conditions that can cause a person to age more rapidly, so your boss's fears aren't entirely without merit. But, as #3 said, it was still wrong of him to fire you for that because it was more likely he really was that old, and anyone who would penalize you for making the obvious assumption probably isn't someone you want as a superior.

Didn't see your comment, this guy is right ^

In some states you have to look at ID regardless.