By Ew-dles - 09/09/2017 20:00

Today, I was finishing a bowl of ramen while watching a video. As I scooped up the last bits, I realized the clump of seasoning I had been saving for last was actually a dead fly. FML
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That username is epic!

Ramen gives you wings.


That username is epic!

It could be both! :D

At least you realized before you put it in your mouth!

How did you not notice? I've never had the seasoning stay clumped up.

Ramen gives you wings.

You sure it wasn't chicken fly rice?

"Crispy flies noodles" by Oishii Tako ?

Probably the most nutritious part of whole ramen thing!

That's one way to get protein in your ramin.

At least you saved it til last!