By Jason - United States
Today, I was finally able to hang out with a girl I really liked at a party. We had a great time and spent hours together. When I leaned in for a kiss at the end of the night, she stopped me and said that "you're a great guy, but we can't go out because you'll be bad for my social reputation." FML
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  Reyo  |  2

Don't feel bad. When you're a raging success, and she's been worn down to the consistency of a used, alligator handbag, she'll be kicking herself for picking social recognition over happiness.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

It does.
But I'm not sure why.

It either sucks for him for liking a girl without knowing anything about her, such as the fact that she cares about her social standing.. ---This being a big YDI it in my opinion...
Or it sucks for him because he got rejected for not being cool enough... --- An FYL for now.. a FherL when he's a successful dork =)

  crazytoaster  |  2

I agree, if a woman won't date someone because it might upset her "social standing" clearly she's a shallow whore who will end up in a trailer park with 19 kids and a drug-addicted, abusive husband. While the OP lives in his sweet house banging a trophy wife.

It's called Karma, and it's fucking hilarious!

By  borabora1991  |  0

well what she said should be enough for you to not like her anymore. at least you know shes a stuck up bitch now. seriously, what kind of person cares about how popular they are? if youre in high school then im not surprised, but if youre in college then shes too immature for you anyways.