By Anonymous - 29/04/2009 10:16 - United States

Today, I was feeling up my girlfriends chest. I was getting into it until she said "What are you doing?" I said I was rubbing her nipple. She replies, "Thats not my nipple, its a pimple." I felt up a pimple. FML
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wtfCorby 0

a zit on her tit? that's pretty gross... that sucks dude

scorpioserpent 1

oh gross! fyl


scorpioserpent 1

oh gross! fyl

Hide_Yo_Kids 0

that's hot you should've sucked on it till it popped then liked the juices

yeah. they should have a "thats freakin nasy" button

andiecormier 0

Ewww your girlfriend has pimples on her boobs??! That's just unusual and gross

Well, that sucks for both of you really. Though I have to point out that the last sentence was a little unnecessary. We got it, seriously. Ah, teenagers. :) Don't worry... once you get a bit more, erm, experience, you'll be able to tell the difference between the two.

It would have been funny if the zit popped when you where messing with it

KingDingALing 9

hahahaha then he wouldve said "oh my god! your nipple popped!"

wtfCorby 0

a zit on her tit? that's pretty gross... that sucks dude

That's pretty sick. Must have been a huge pimple. And way to not pay attention, man.

im4evaonyomind 0

that'll kill the mood. EPIC FAIL!!!!!

bridgette5866 0

INTERRACIAL PICTURE! Hahahah just had to be obnoxious and point that out. Funny, really. Love it.

ladedum 0

ughhhh, oh god. i just gagged a little bit.

GlassJAwkidE 3

I think I just threw up.... FYL for sure

poolshark 0

At least it didn't pop...

redhusk89 0

Dude you fail. You should be able to tell the difference. If it aint growing hard you either really suck or that aint a nip. xD

that and... all i can think of is ... either that was one GIANT pimple or... if you can't tell the difference between a nipple and a pimple, you're either too young to be touching her there, or she's too young. (or both of you are)