By minnie - 28/08/2009 18:30 - United States

Today, I was feeling sick and I farted so loud in the school's girls bathroom. Some boys overheard from the hall and called everyone over. I came out only to find about 20 guys staring anxiously at the bathroom's door to see who I was. FML
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holy crap. that's freaking embarrassing.

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so girls DO fart!


holy crap. that's freaking embarrassing.

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YDI for farting

I don't think the commenter farted.

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aww! i always think about that when i use the restroom too that really sucks should've just been like "wow this girl in there is stinkin up the place!" or something like that

i would have walked out, winked at them, and then walked away. guys can fart in public, why can't girls? bathroom creepers.

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farting while having anal sounds really interesting

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I laugh at my own jokes!

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LOL. That would've worked too!damn sorry OP.Once I went to the boys restroom on accident thankfully no one was in there but when I walked out people saw!

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Ouch! FYL. I had that happen to a friend of mine (kind of, only she was puking) and when she came out I tried to cover for her by asking her if the girl in the washroom was okay. I'm surprised that some of the ppl bought it because she looked like crap! Good job for making a memory! Thumbs up!! ;) :)

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Lol similar situation for me but I pretended I did it on purpose when my friends saw me walk out and said "dude go look inside Cindy is getting dressed in the third stall" and since they knew Cindy was kinda slutty and really hot the three guys I knew (no names =P) went in to look and a teacher caught them and gave them CSI. They snitched me out saying I was in earlier I denied it but still got a detention which ended up becoming a CSI. FML??? lol

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everyone farts u stupid fucking little girl

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looks like we got a classic case of a "major tool" don't we mr. venuman.

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this post made my day lmao I woulda been like new record!!!

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aw poor baby!


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so girls DO fart!

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this is like the one where the girl farted and the two other girls in the bathroom waited for her to come out

Yah common misconception girls fart but don't poop

lol idk why people find it interesting.

omg, thats soo embarrassing. but these boys must be immature or something to do that, they know they will be embarrassing the girl who comes out. but anyways , it still made me laugh. XD

maybe they were hoping it was a dude in the wrong room...kinda like American Pie

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hahaha, dammit, i was gonna mention that. sounds like this chick got it straight from american pie

haha soo embarrassing!

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It's not everyday that men get to hear girls fart, so that's why they were curious lol. But seriously, they should grow up and find something better to do =P

Hahah that is great! I would have laughed for hours Farting is perfectly normal, I bet that you felt much better afterwards and besides that's what bathrooms are for, although I'm sure the echo's didn't help

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Everybody farts. If you don't, something is wrong with you. True, that is embarassing but they'll forget...eventually.

No, no they won't lol

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lol i woulda done the same wtf did u eat?