By kindergarten teacher - 23/03/2013 13:25 - United States - Hanford

Today, I was feeling sick and fainted while teaching my kindergarten class. I came to when one boy poured a cup of water on my face. Three kids were crying into my walkie talkie telling the office I was dead, and the rest of the class had disappeared. FML
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Be thankful it wasn't a highschool class or you would have woken with penises everywhere..

Well, the ones who stuck around and tried to communicate with the office via walkie talkies sound pretty mature for their age, so kudos to them.


Plot for the hangover 4?

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LOL! Well at least they didn't all take it as a cue for naptime. That would've given the next person a shock

1, although I find The Hangover movies funny, I fear #3 will have a parallel plot to the first one, just as the second one did. I'd like this FML post to be part of the plot because it would be a nice change, if a fourth one is made.

Be thankful it wasn't a highschool class or you would have woken with penises everywhere..

And be thankful for the students who tried their best to help you. As kindergarteners, they were doing all they knew to make sure you were okay and received help.

Depending on the school not necessarily the type that are drawn on the face.

I remember an FML about a kindergarten teacher who fell asleep in class and woke up with penises drawn on their face

2- and not a writing untensil to be found

*middle school

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82-good memory, that FML was something about a year ago.

Except your penis because they have boundaries.

Well, the ones who stuck around and tried to communicate with the office via walkie talkies sound pretty mature for their age, so kudos to them.

Unless they were crying because she came to?

When I was in elementary school (admittedly at a private college prep school) we had it drilled into us every year what to do if there was an emergency like this. We all knew to send someone to the nearest room to get another teacher and someone else would dial the office. The rest remained in their seats waiting for instructions. I never had to use this, never heard of anyone else having to use this, but I remember it perfectly even 15 years later. The lack of discipline and personal responsibility among students in the public school system still shocks me.

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17...You should do research and write a paper on the subject of how much better children from private schools are. Sounds like you really know your stuff!

And the kid who poured water on OP's face to revive her. Pretty smart if you ask me.

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"The lack of discipline and personal responsibility among students in the public school system still shocks me" 17-So you're going to take this one incident of kindergarteners not knowing how to react and conclude that public school students lack discipline and personal responsibility? First of all, your school showed you and your peers what to do in this event, you wouldn't have known how to behave otherwise, at least not at that age. Second of all, how do figure you can generalize something like that with all public school students? Have you been to every private, and then public school in the U.S. and concluded after years of study that private school students do tend to have more discipline or responsibility than public school students? Considering the fact that your profile says you're 20 years old, I doubt that. Get off your high horse.

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#17 is 20years old, #30 is 22. Age wins.

As a student who went to both public and private schools, I must say that I got a better education at a private school than public. At a public school you generally are just a number being pushed through the system. Generally at private institutions the class sizes are smaller and you receive better one on one time with the teacher and you aren't just another face in the crowd. Generally the larger cities have the worst performance in schools versus the smaller cities due to how big those schools are and how well funded they are; case in point, Chicago which just closed 53 underperforming elementary schools. Regardless of cities or schools, you have to have kids willing to learn and parents willing to push them. When morals and values were taught in schools you have order and hard working students, today you have lazy people who don't want to do anything or work for anything. Welfare is to blame for that. People abusing it. And the middle class having to pay for the woman with 11 kids while she doesn't do a damn thing to support them. Society is breaking down. Common sense is gone.

Where I live, (Aus so a bit different) private schooling is mostly an expensive waste. Some people may believe that it's a better option, but depending on your kid it doesn't matter. I've gone to a public school all my life and had more opportunities than my peers in private. Very little of them had the chance to start uni in school as I do. And very little private schools have support programs for people who are looking into a vocational pathway. Here, there is that many systems and government bodies and so many restrictions on public schooling that must be complied with that education is generally of a high caliber. Whereas in private school, they aren't monitered as closely and can be of a lower standard.

I've gone to both private and public nurseryschool/school/university, and there are pro's and con's with both. You can't say public is shit just because. I don't know how its in the states, but where I live the teachers gives a rats ass about their students no matter the amount you pay/ dont pay! Actually, public universities for exsample, here does a lot better than the private ones! And by the sound of it, the kids in OP's case were doing great concidering their theacher passed out, by contacting other adults and trying to wake her up. Dosent matter how rich or poor you are, characther goes a lot further than grades in real life..

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@17- Yea! You tell em'. Kindergartners today are completely undisciplined! A few weeks in boot camp would do em' all some good I say.

You do realize op's name is kindergarten teacher right? So it was kindergarteners, not elementary school, dumbass.

I think both private and public schools can be great, it just depends on the teachers and how the school interacts with you and all that... We have a private school in our city and it's not that great (and our teachers despise that school), whilst my public school, which mostly has amazing teachers, is on of the best in the Netherlands, both in education and interaction with students. Plus our teachers actually care :)

Private school is as much about making lifelong connections as it is education. Remember, it's not what you know, it's who you know.

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I also went to a private and a public school and the private school was about 2 years ahead of the public school, but the public school seemed to care more about the students than the private school did. The public school tried to help a lot more than the private school ever considered trying.

17- For all you know OP could be a teacher at a private school. Also, they're ******* kindergarters. Maybe they were taught what to do, but panicked too much to do it. We don't know. As for the private vs public school debate, I think it depends on the school and/or teachers.

65, Elementary includes kindergarten. Elementary is K through 5th or 6th grade depending on the school.

They're ******* kindergarteners!

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Kindergarden is in elementary school

The bunch of kindergarteners are more helpful than 25 people in a subway when someone passes out! Next time when I pass out I hope I have a bunch of kindergarteners around me!

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# 65 Kindergarten is elementary school.. Dumbass

Well, we all know who the slackers are now.

When the cat's away, the mice will play! And this entire situation reeks of cheese.

Preview of zombie apocalypse

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I.... don't quite see the correlation between the two....

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#6, your awful attempt to make a joke gave me cancer.

Good thing you knew right away and can receive treatment quickly. Good luck with your cancer. Please build your immune system up next time.

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48#, your awful attempt at a joke about his awful joke gave know what, nevermind.

Thank you, #66, for breaking the senseless pattern.

Please build your immune system up next time? Excuse me guys, I'm just gunna go build up my immune system real quick.

Cancer isn't really a great joke topic... I'm not surprised you got thumbed down. Cancer kills people, and ruins their friends and families lives. I watched my aunt die of ovarian cancer just earlier this week. Getting cancer definitely isn't all that funny, nor is it a joking matter.

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Any time 75, any time.

I don't know how this turned into a cancer conversation haha funny thing is I have had cancer before. Damn you!

Kids do the darnedest helpful things.

Don't kindergarten classes usually have a second assistant/helper teacher?

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Not always. My school district has never had assistant teachers for kindergarten.

where I live, in PA, the kindergarten teacher has no assistance by anyone

They used to in my school district, but due to budget cuts they do not now. I've heard of similar changes in other districts.

I had 2 assistants and a teacher in preschool

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Are you kidding? Schools can barely pay for the teachers they have now.

Dude you scared the crap outta a bunch of kids, more like FTL. I hope you rewarded the kids who stayed behind and tried to communicate with the office!!

F everyone involved in this situation's life! Poor kids and teacher

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Nap time is for the kids op! You're doing it wrong! Lol.