Today, I was feeling really down. So I texted my boyfriend and asked him to tell me why he loves me, thinking he would cheer me up. His response? "Don't bug me with this stupid shit anymore. You always ask such dumb questions." FML

By downer - / Monday 25 May 2009 05:39 / United States
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  2gether4ever  |  0

well fuck him . those type of guys aren't worth your time . :)

  stef108  |  3

I don't blame him..she's obviously very needy and insecure if she needs validation from her boyfriend to feel better about herself and I'm sure she asks him questions like that all the time. that's annoying


as if no one ever has needed a pick me up. all she wanted was some kind words from some one she cares about. if she does this all the time then I would completely agree but if its an occasional thing then what's the big deal? if he's not exaggerating then she kinda does deserve it but he couldve been more nice about it since she was feeling down.

By  fish1806  |  0


By  ashole1990  |  10

thats really harsh. what an ass


(I know I'm like really late on this but whatever) I kind of see where her boyfriends coming from, because I have a friend who does this all the time and I'm actually quite sick of it. She'll also do things along the lines of "Whoever hugs me first loves me more" or if you don't hug her at all, she'll get pissy. It gets kind of annoying when people ask those things, no matter how upset they are.

By  TheJadedDiary  |  2

What a dick. Bash him.

  Yessenia0911  |  0

Why would it piss people off for asking a question that shooing be hard to come up with an answer to?

  Yessenia0911  |  0


  InfamousRaider  |  15

You must be stupid... for all you know he doesn't love her, maybe he wants her money or just likes her body.

By  Jaywin  |  3

#2 fails. And people need to realize these random "deep" texts are just weird sometimes. It's weird to be going out your day as normal and getting a text from someone proclaiming their love for you or asking why you love them. If you do this kind of thing often, I'd get pretty annoyed too.

By  Pirate_argh  |  6

Well you've picked the wrong guy, thats for sure.. But believe me, boys will get frustrated if their only part of the relationship is to cheer the girl up.. Been there.. Anyway.. Girls.. WHY do you have to ask us, "why do you love me?" Just call and talk to us, instead of wrapping it in - searching for compliments.. I undestand he got anoyed, but he should be able to control his anger..

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