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+10 dexterity gained :)

Nothing disgusting about a woman's body fluids. We are all human. Doesn't matter, as long as she's not trying to go out of her way to expose people to them. Get over yourself. Period.


+10 dexterity gained :)

Sneak increased to 100

HEY I'm from indiana as well! :D

clearly her job assignment is rogue.

I hope you at least had some hand sanitizer, because that's gross. Period.

Nothing disgusting about a woman's body fluids. We are all human. Doesn't matter, as long as she's not trying to go out of her way to expose people to them. Get over yourself. Period.

So it's okay for an incontinent woman to pee next to you? You know, because "there's nothing disgusting about a woman's bodily fluids?"

#27 Yes, it is ok, because in that case, the woman couldn't help it. We are vessels of organic matter that carry a conscience, and sad is, we simply can't accept that shit happens. In these cases, they are natural fluids. Sure, I'm not saying it's fucking amazing, but why are we going to be judgmental pricks? We need to get over ourselves and not think that we are walking forms of divinity. Again, shit happens.

Natural bodily functions aren't gross but that doesn't mean they can't be unsanitary which is why people SHOULD wash their hands after dealing with bodily fluids whether it be blood, urine, or feces. It is, in fact, a health concern.

Get over yourself, 20. That is disgusting, period. Spit is a part of a woman's bodily fluids, should I be cool with her drooling all over her hands on a city bus, then touching God knows what? Asking whether she had hand sanitizer is a valid question, because someone else's BLOOD *is* gross. That is literally a public health concern.

Apparently, "as long as she doesn't go out of her way to expose people to them" is something that people can't read. I shouldn't have a need to explain myself.

#37: 1) You are explaining yourself. 2) Her going out of her way to expose herself and her potentially spreading her blood in a public area are two different things. The responses are to you making it sound like "lah dee dah, all of a woman's fluids are divine, it doesn't matter if she smears it all over everything, it's only natural!" Let's try another example. Someone has a really bad, drippy cold and they are on public transportation. They're being a great Samaritan by sneezing and blowing into a Kleenex, potentially getting snot all over their hands. Stemming the flow of their fluid tide is great and appreciated, but I think everyone would feel a LOT better if the person sanitized their hands before touching anything. That is the point the first person was trying to make. But hey it's OK if they don't sanitize their hands because face juices and period blood are completely natural -_- TL;DR - 37, you're wrong. It is disgusting.

Just to let all of you know, my comment was about being on the bus. Not her vagina. Get off your sexist high horses. Buses are disgusting.

What if it's a golden shower.

Wow she could have waited. It may be uncomfortable for a little while but that's something personal and private. I hope she gets charged for public indecency.

Anybody else catch the pun..?

#70, would you rather she discreetly insert a tampon and maybe get a little bit of blood on the tips of her fingers, or bleed through her pants and get a LOT of blood on the seat of the bus? Honestly, people, if you want her to avoid spreading bodily fluids you should acknowledge that if she was desperate enough to do it on a bus--and she would have had to be desperate--it's probably because the alternative would have been blood getting everywhere. Or haven't the ladies commenting had periods? Besides, I've known a whopping number of people who bring a little bottle of hand sanitizer with them when they use public transportation. Who knows, maybe she was hygienic about it.

It is public indecency. If a male were reported for taking a leak in public he would be charged with a sexual offense and be labeled as a sex offender for life. The same applies to women and if it doesn't it should.

"reported for taking a leak" Not that I am saying it is necessarily ok to put in a Tampon in public but the two things are different scenarios. Taking a leak in public is deliberately spraying a public area with Piss, which is gross as it will eventually stink, which just happens to involve getting your dick out. The other is attempting to not cover an area in blood and stemming the flow just happens to involve exposure. See the difference? They are both gross and disturbing actions but the pissing dude is way more malicious. Also a woman caught pissing in public with her privates exposed would also be labeled a sex offender and get in trouble for public indecency. So still a flawed argument.

Guys this is getting out of hand. Period.

It's blood and uterine lining. It's gross. I hope she did have hand sanitizer. Blood = biohazard. Universal precautions. Treat everyone as if they're infectious. And the number one rule of infection control is WASH YOUR HANDS.

You can control your pee. You can't control when your period starts. If someone knows how WITHOUT the aid of meds then please tell me. I would rather her have hand sanitizer than stain the seats with blood.

Why would she do that on a bus? You need clean hands for inserting said tampon, if not, you are susceptible to Toxic Shock Syndrome. Buses are unsanitary due to public use.

That's quite a skill tbf be frank??

Sometimes you just have to be prepared for anything, but FYL

How did you even managed that?!

After years of practice, women become very skilled in the art of tampon insertion

Definitely an art!

Makes me glad I'm not a female

No tampons, no cramps, no bloating. So much we males have to be thankful for.

No child birth! Amen.

you guys have your own set of problems though. I'm sure being a dude isn't all rainbows and butterflies all the time.

75, wow that's really mature of you to say that (: girls don't usually say that

nothing like a uncalled for boner in a puplic place :/

omg #75 you are my new hero :)

Yeah for sure... I mean I love women.. All of them. I just can't imagine blood coming out of any of my body parts and the fact that you ladies do baffles me. It's kinda hard to trust something that bleeds that much and yet still somehow is alive. Jk ladies! :) On topic: I can't imagine how she pulled it off without notice but I applaud you OP if you got it done with no one noticing. Yeah I understand it's for child birth but it's still a very strange concept in my eyes.

What a bloody bus-wreck!

It sounded better in my head.

Bloody hell!

This bloody hell joke is old, and dead... Might be more "funny" if it wasn't already op's name. Lol

Hoping for your neighbour that you were wearing a bigggg coat :/

Honestly, just letting it happen and then doing damage control later when you could get to a decent bathroom would've been a better idea. Trying to change it in the open with no trash can or toilet seems like it would only make things messier and a lot more embarrassing than just waiting until you could deal with it properly.

I'm not sure. I personally probably would have got off the bus there and then and headed to the nearest toilet. But I think I'd rather witness someone put their hands in their underwear for a few seconds, than get on a bus and sit in someone else's warm red wet patch.

Sounds to me like it just started while on the bus and she was.being courteous by inserting the tampon. She prevented blood from getting all over the seats and as long as she sanitized her hands post insertion she was fine.

But then it probably wouldn't have been so heavy that she needed a tampon that very second. Stuffing a tissue into her panties should've sufficed.

Who says she had a tissue? Anyway, no one said she openly stuffed her hands in her pants. She wants people to see her doing it about as much as they want to see it. If she had a bag, she might have positioned that strategically on her lap. If she had a big coat on, that would have helped hide her actions as well. It's really, really not that hard to do it discreetly.

#66 - It is entirely possible that it WAS that heavy. Generally, it runs heavy to light.

@sturschaedel I have to check are you a guy or just lucky? It is very much possible for ones period to hit with such intensity that you need something stronger than tissues right from the start. I can very well remember getting my period in history class and in the five minutes it took me to get permission to run to the restroom I had bled through my thick as hell blue jeans. There are some women who have an extremely heavy flow on day one that kind of slows down. There are also those luckily unlucky women who bleed like they are going to die for three days and then are done. It's different for every girl.

I completely agree. I would have dealt with the circumstances after instead of doing that on a bus. I think that's a pretty disgusting thing to do. Sometimes we just have to deal with unpleasant things...The people on that bus should not have had to be near someone doing that.

#66, stuffing a tissue in her vagina would still involve her sticking her hands down there for everyone to potentially see. Why not just actually take care of the problem instead? For all we know, her flow could be like Niagara Falls at the beginning, and she could have gotten a considerable amount of blood on the seat if she hadn't stuffed the tampon up there. Instead of focusing on how she should have handled the situation based on our (admittedly baseless) assumptions about the nature of her period, why don't we just trust that she did what she needed to do and agree that it's an awful situation to experience? She doesn't need to hear about how "disgusting" and "rude" she was being; I'm sure she felt horrible about having to do it in the first place.