By evenpoorer - 16/03/2010 05:19 - United States

Today, I was excited to start my new job. It was only when I was leaving after a long 8 hour day did I realize all of the personal documents I had I brought in for paperwork had been stolen. I am now down a passport, social security card, and wallet. Great first day. FML
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You can start a fresh life, change your name, and move to a distant town. You can work on someone else's ranch and feed off their income and at the same time remain incogneto... Unless they stole your green card. Then you're ******.

Your next day is going to be worst. Especially when the identity theft kicks in and your credit score drops to 5.


Not unlike the structure of his FML. FYL though OP.

that's why I'm bringing in a copy and giving it directly to the district manager. I don't see how they were stolen unless they were hanging around in the open. why didn't you have all that in your pocket? you kind of deserve it if you left those things out and didn't watch them. I wish I had more details. FML.

It would suck even more a if the OP is also down a Smoothie King card.

yeah umm why would u have a passport at work

umm why do u have a passport at ur job do u travel alot or something and I think 12 is being really prejugdice because of his comment

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My current job and the job before required me to bring in my social security card so they could make a copy. They might let you bring in your own copy, but both have asked me to bring in the card, and a form of photo ID, which might be why OP also had a passport, if she doesn't have a driver's license. I got a locker at my last job that I locked these things away in, and kept them in my purse (with me), for this job, so I don't know where OP left her stuff, but FYL for losing so many important things.

True. Most new jobs require documents for the paperwork to be filled out. I don't know how you managed to let all of that get stolen. Unless it was forcibly taken from you, Y pretty much DI. Keep track of your important things.

loski87 4

when you start a new job you have to bring in documents to verify your identification. most employers require you bring either a state id and a social security card or just a passport because it counts as both. at least that's been my experience. @op I hope you add a consumer watch or a credit freeze in case someone tries to use your information to open new accounts...

Oh my ******* god #45, your comment isn't funny at all, and before you can get a woman your balls have to drop. Go back to the 4th grade. Oh, wait.

That does really suck next time don't look up

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second, and yea tht sucks sorry

Ajjas013 6

2=5? I always got that wrong on my math test.

he might be seconding the idea of "unlucky" as brought forward in comment 4, toolbags-.-'

Well you do have a job but still ylf even with one.

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damn.. that must be harder than being adopted

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my thoughts exactly whats wrong with it?

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They took your Smoothie King card, too?

I'm sure she/he didn't have one of those .. but win haha

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