By Kbizz - 03/06/2010 02:12 - Canada

Today, I was excited about showing everyone at work my new piercing. It's in an interesting place in my ear, and its not that common. Before I had the chance to tell anyone about it, someone asked "Are you wearing a hearing aid?" FML
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First, who gives a shit about piercings? Second, who gives a shit about what people say about you?

the fact that you got it in a different place should tell you something-people are going to stare and wonder.


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:( there goes the excitement. though if u like it u should still be excited

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i got first  i'd like to thank oprah for believing in me and of course the 2 red bulls that kept me awake for no apparent reason

Haha what kind of piercing looks like a hearing aid?

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how would it look like a hearing aid? maybe it was a fragus piercing but still

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looks like you didn't even know you were deaf. it's a good thing the people at the piercing place saw this and gave you a hearing aid. FIRST!!!!

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^thatguy fails ^_^ 

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not reallllllllly an fml...

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15- I love yur picture. :) I love drop dead. :] (and Oliver Sykes) hehe. lol

wow this is funny lol

how is #1 relevant to the FML.

I think they were just really excited about being first?

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when I eat ponys I think about piercing my ear

industrial maybe? shit idk

I would think an industrial is way too high up. hearing aids are in the actual ear canal aren't they?

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Industrials aren't anywhere near where a hearing aid goes. Hearing aids are a hell of a lot smaller, too. Industrials are bars through the top of your ear. /:

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Ni hao

So, op u r screwed, literally. 

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it looks like someone just threw clothes at Jess and she caught that blue shirt lol just saying, say what u want about my pic lol

It was probably the daith; the daith goes vertically through the cartilage right above the ear canal and is rather uncommon.

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75 you can go back up until a certain size where that becomes the point of no return. I gauged to a 4 and took them out for like a day and they went right back down to 20s. and roomskiis. snakebites are awesome.

#74: No. Not literally.

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113, 'the point of no return' is rumored to be 0, but 00 are a definate. if you had 4s (what I have) and they went to 20s in a short amount of time, that means you probably had a blowout sometime while stretching (not 'guaging') and it never healed.

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it's called stretching. gauging means to guess.

*gauging. people commonly mistake stretching for gauging because the 'gauge' is the size of the tunnel/fistula.

112, I have the same piercing and I've never been asked if I have a hearing aide.... op, if you like it who cares what anyone else thinks.

ydi for being an individual

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15, I love your picture too(: I <3 my drop dead shirt<33 oli sykes, hehe :D

Targus piercing would be my guess.

ouch 66 did ur piercings hirt? I have my bellybutton pierces too butthe other ones look so painful except my ring is a diamond one :)

let me put it this way. the pain from the bottom ones made the pain from the normal belly button one feel like being tickled with a feather in comparison. although I wouldnt say getting pierced was so bad, it's more the healing.

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#31 Ty :) bmth/oli/dropdead Is the best :D

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and to 143 :]

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so do you.

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Depending on the earring OP had in it also could have been a conch, although the daith is more likely.

Seriously. Weh, weh. You got it in a different place probably in part because you wanted something surprising... your friend was surprised.

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it's either an industrial or that little thing in the middle of your ear in front of the hole.

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4, it's called a tragus. And 15, thts TRAGUS, nt fragus!!

an industrial wouldn't look like a hearing aid..

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Just with I was thinking! If it's a daith, don't listen to what they say! It's wicked cute! If it helps, try switching to something more colorful! Or even better, see if you can get a custom bent hoop! I got my daith pierced not too long ago and my hoop is heart-shaped! My piercer is well-known for doing custom bent heart-shaped daith piercings, or "earhearts," as she calls them! :) No matter what ear piercing it is, you rock for getting it! Cool ear piercings ftw!

opera that sounds kind of cool. I want ear hearts!!

yea maybe not.. iunno though some guys could pull it off maybe

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A dude with an earheart would be awesome! (I think it's possible to do an ear-star as well, but it's harder to do and doesn't come out as pointy and defined). Oh and in case anyone is wondering... this is my daith/earheart (so, yeah it's kind of in a hearing aid place). It's at a weird angle in this pic because it is really tough to take a good pic of one's own ear in Photobooth haha, so it's not the best example of mine's shape (unless you wanna see a pic of me looking all icky after walking around town after getting it...) :P

I love that. I want the star

If you are not sure about getting gauged, don't do it. There's no going back, and if you take it out it's more noticable than taking a regular piercing out.

I had my ears stretched before kfrizzle, kinda painful.. I had em up to 2's. the they closed in two days :/ I stretched them back months later went from 12-8-6-4 so painful going all through it in one day :( but now pierceless :P thinking of snake bites though?

I kinda jammed 14s in my ears, but I'm afraid to go higher than that. everytime I take them out for longer than a day they go right back to 20s

yea i def went through a wanting snake bites phase, than switched to wanting an antibrow

lol I kinda had to big cus I have big ears lmao so anything below 4 or 2's looked funky XD but ya my sis has one side pierced, I'm thinking of getting the bites, but doubt I could wear them cus if work :/

I wanted an anti eyebrow but I ended up settling for a regular one. I'm at 4s and don't plan on going much higher. maybe 0s. I want snakebites, too. I only have to get the right side then. it'd look pretty cool with my labet in the middle. I'm definatly the one to ask about piercings haha. btw, never NEVER get venoms. (two through each side of your tongue, through the muscles). they hurt really bad and they don't sit right. and take forever to heal. I had mine for three months and didn't eat solid food for a month and a half. I took them out to much relieve. yes, they were cool. but they rubbed on my gums pretty bad. bad enough if I had them for a few years, I'd probably woulda had a lot of gum erosion.

I would imagine that it's either a rook or daith, they're both relatively close to where a hearing aid would be.

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well number 32 i'm sorry that I don't know the PROPER word of what that little thing in the middle of your ear is. geeze

#132, I bought tapers and tapered them myself. I did it over about 4 1/2 months. I would have done it quicker, but I didn't always get to by my tapers as quick as I wanted to. I went from about an 18-16-14-8-6-4. NEVER SKIP SIZES. I skipped from a 14 to an 8 because I couldn't find 12-10 tapers. I bled pretty bad and had a blowout, but I luckily healed. what I did was buy 16 and 14 g rings and put those in when the my ear didn't hurt. then I bought the other tapers. I'd put them in as far a they could go after a hot shower. I slept with the tapers in, then a tad forcefully pushed the rest of the taper through the next day. then after another shower, I'd take the tapers out, clean them, let the blood and stuff come out of my ear, then put the tapers in. it hurt, but it healed quite fast. once you get to your desired size, be sure to get plugs, tapers can get annoying. also be sure to not just get a metal pair. metal is quite heavy and sometimes it's best to switch to a plastic pair to give your ears a break. and try and clean your plugs every day. I hoped this helped! :) feel free to ask more questions. :)

I didn't use lubricant, but I'm sure it'd make it a bit easier.

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I wanted snakebites but now I want a labret.

the fact that you got it in a different place should tell you something-people are going to stare and wonder.

ha ha ha deaf fail

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interesting spot? ;D

That's not too bad..

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#8 u super cute

Hey #8 I'm going to creepily hit on you too just for the hell of it.

#13 Aw, thank you! :D

#19 How charming ;)

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I'm sure you'll enjoy that later on in life

get a different earring! =]

First, who gives a shit about piercings? Second, who gives a shit about what people say about you?