By Tim - 16/06/2009 06:15 - United States

Today, I was enjoying some much needed serenity while I ate lunch in an empty park. To my surprise, an older, clean cut man in a suit sits on the bench next to me. Without saying a word, he unleashes the most foul of farts I've ever witnessed, gets up, gives me a nod and leaves. FML
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Sounds like a pleasant man.

I fart in your general direction


Sounds like a pleasant man.

i made an fml account just to tell this to the person who posted this fml... look up "edbassmaster" and 'jackvalefilms" on youtube. they do a candid camera thing where they go up to random peopl and use a device called the pooter to let out loud farts and see peoples reaction. check and see if one of them is the same person who farted at you, im betting it is, because the whole secenarion sounds just like them. if it turns out they are the same person, could you comment back and tell me? im extremely curious...

It was not. I checked it out. Good idea though. Also, thanks to everyone for your comments. It was just really really weird. Although Im confused how 900 people some how believe I deserved that? Thats a pretty big judgement of my character from a rather small paragraph

I have never thought farts are anything but funny, so I would have to refrain from bursting out laughing if that happened to me.

true but there is no FML on here without at least 50 YDIs :}

Were you in Back Bay?

This FML has already been posted but it's not "a clean cut man" or whatever it "a middle aged man"

Lolled so hard at this!

HAHAHAHA what a bloody legend :D

I fart in your general direction

Well played sir, well played.

He only wants to spread the love. He nodded at you so you can appreciate his gift.

All your farts are belong to us.

Put a stink bomb in his pocket as he leaves.

You do know that by the time people post, it has already happened, right? *eyeroll*

why would this person even carry one of those around?

Wow #9... You baffle me..

wait wait wait, hold up Mr.142, you mean u dont carry around a stink bomb? odd.

number 9..i think that would be pretty difficult considering he already left....