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  pepper3434  |  0

I am going to throw up now. Sorry, but extreme zits disgust me... There are things to help control that... Wouldn't OP realize that they were zits if he kissed her before?

  GeorgeBoosh  |  0

It's amazing how quickly those zits come up eh! Before the pizza, no zits. In the middle of eating it, a cluster of zits. 10 minutes later, the date is all zit! Next time, just wait til she bursts, and keep a mirror handy to catch the pus, not your tongue


@#144 - It depends on what kind of acne you have. Most kinds can be treated with Acutane or antibiotics, but some of the more difficult kinds (that are like class 5 and hereditary) can't be treated with that shit (they make little or no difference).

Yeah acne is gross, but it's a part of life and so people deal with it. Sometimes it's unavoidable and it's not the person's fault. It isn't like people choose to have bad skin.

  bjbthe1  |  1

your wrong I've puked in my mouth two times before. your not violently puking but you can vomit a lite in your mouth. the hard part is swallowing again

  Ruminati  |  0

HAHAHAHA. You are one sick bastard.
Also OP youdeserveit for trying to "be sexy" without really paying attention, since that's not really something you just "not notice." You dog.