By everyoneheard - United Kingdom - London
  Today, I was eating out with a group of friends and my boyfriend. During the meal, I accidentally took a sip from my male friend's glass. My boyfriend pointed and said, "Babe, you took his drink." My friend responded by putting his arm round me and saying, "Whatever, I took her virginity." FML
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By  IAmJad  |  18

Have they ever been together or did she cheat on you?

  shortvirgo13  |  7

Omg #78 that's not funny, wow I can't believe you went there.


It amazes me how many FMLs could be avoided if OP had a sense of humor. Yeah, it's embarrassing, but whether it's true or not, it's pretty funny. And if he did take your virginity, as long as it wasn't during your relationship, in which case it'd be a YDI, just laugh it off and move on


#70, most people, when in a relationship with someone, don't want to hear about their significant others' sexual past.
so regardless of whether or not it was before they dated, it's still awkward for OP and her boyfriend.