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As in, "Bam! A swift punch to the nuts!"

30, personally I thought he was referring to "Bam! Books A Million!" But a swift lick to the nads works as well.

yeah she probably licked his nads

Take it from here Bambam "bam bam bam!" From family guy :D

"One o' these days Louis, one o' these days Bam! Straight to the moon"

Emeril Lagasse anyone?

Oh hell no!!!!!! Someone would have to get punch in the face! And I mean him! Why say shit like that to stir up anger

it has to be true, otherwise it wouldn't be a fml

Giggity giggity goo ;)

Nah- just the suspicion makes it an fml... And the doubt and insecurities that will result

My exact question...

Ops name is everyone heard leading me to infer, she's fucked.

so did he take your virginity and if so what happened next?

Have they ever been together or did she cheat on you?

I think you mistook OP's boyfriend for the OP...

Re-read and understand first

Yes because one person pointing out 3s mistake isn't enough.

I guess I wasn't thinking straight when I was reading. My bad.

58 - You must be new to the Internet. Welcome.

Lmfao oh god you're funny 105

#58 You fail at life.

Oh 118, you know me so well

Oh #124 you know I was being sarcastic :)

So your verbal irony was meant to convey that #58 succeeds at life?

That's what he thinks...

She was half a virgin when she met him?

They played the "just the tip" game.

I played that game once.... #shutupitwasmyfirsttime

shortvirgo13 7

Omg #78 that's not funny, wow I can't believe you went there.

Welcome to the internet, #144, where anything goes.

I love your shirt!

He sounds really classy.

It amazes me how many FMLs could be avoided if OP had a sense of humor. Yeah, it's embarrassing, but whether it's true or not, it's pretty funny. And if he did take your virginity, as long as it wasn't during your relationship, in which case it'd be a YDI, just laugh it off and move on

70- we wouldn't have so many fun FMLs to read if everyone had a sense of humor, now would we?

#70, most people, when in a relationship with someone, don't want to hear about their significant others' sexual past. so regardless of whether or not it was before they dated, it's still awkward for OP and her boyfriend.

Why is she hanging out with her ex in the first place?

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This would only really be awkward if what he said was true... So did he?

There's nothing like having your girlfriend's "past" thrown in your face.

Lol owned and trolled!