By awilson - 11/09/2009 18:26 - United States

Today, I was eating MandMs on a chair when I dropped one and it fell under my crotch. My mom came in to see my hand on my crotch and me muttering, "Where is that little bastard?" FML
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LMFAO! That happened to me before

wheres the 'like' button when you need it? =P


LMFAO! That happened to me before

yup thats happend to me before, except it was my friend who walked in... She laughed and left...

When I say LOL, I actually laugh out loud, unlike most people, who just say it to mean, "Hmm, that is kind of funny" But this time is the first time I said LOL and meant it, and the first time I loled at an FML

#67 What in gods name did that mean? "When I say lol I actually lol.... but this is the first time I meant it...." Um contradiction much? About the FML, a lot of you are saying its awesome but I find it incredibly lame and not at all funny

sometimes when I type LOL, I'm not actually laughing out loud. it's just "funny". I LOL'd at this one though. For real XD

same here! I actually laughed lol

lolllllz!!!!! that just made my day!!

twoo. :D hahah

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realy 3 realy wow what fail for a YDI

ur just one of those douches that say YDI for everything

Fail much? Haha. Thanks for making my day though.

Haha, tweezer time. You'll have your mom wondering for a while ..

LMFAO, that just sorta kinda MADE MY DAY YEEE BOii

Instead of biggy smalls your tiny smalls

Lol, self-pwn.

wheres the 'like' button when you need it? =P

Lol but still I vote for a Who Gives A Shit button