By silly_billy - / Thursday 11 June 2009 05:08 / United States
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By  jennaboo84  |  0

Sigh. Easy solution. "Oh why hello! How are you? This is my wife ______" She says hello, goes to shake his hand and he will automatically introduce himself. VERY rarely will this not work.

By  KAMELOT_fml  |  0

uhm. Alzheimer's?

By  redbluegreen  |  40

And you didn't know his name... why? If you'd been working there for more then a week, this is just sad.


Not really. If he works for a good company, you can meet and work wih a lot of people and forget all of their names. The trick to getting around that is just not mentioning you forgot, and if you decide you might need to contact them, while writing down their info, ask "So how do you spell your name?" Lol :)

By  forallitsworth  |  0

You can make it up by approaching him and saying that you JUST promised your wife that you will at least be dedicating meal times to her. Or something. I don't know, it kind of implies that you were so dedicated to your work that you just pick up calls all the time or something.

By  amatayo  |  0

There is nothing wrong with that. I don't know my dads name. Oh wait it's Paul sucks for you. Prob spend so time looking for your next job

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