By Toothless - 07/10/2009 05:43 - United States

Today, I was eating ice cream and struggling to chew a particularly hard chunk of chocolate. After finally breaking it into pieces, I spat it out because it tasted terrible. Then I discovered that I was missing my temporary crown. Now I have no upper molar. FML
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Get a pimp-ass set of grillz instead :D

Chewing a chunk of ice cream?? My teeth hurt just THINKING about it. (that's right, my teeth can think about things)


Get a pimp-ass set of grillz instead :D

Diamond (diamante, naturally) encrusted?

There's no other way to have it. Maybe throw in some corn rows and shutter shades to complete the look :D

what is the point in those things? seriously, you can't see a fecking thing.

I wouldn't know. They're probably like blinds for your eyes though. I would ask Kanye, except that he would be really happy for me and let me finish, only to say Bvlgari has the best shades of all time.

I'll let YOU finish, but ray-ban have the best shades of all time. OF.ALL.TIME.

"What a jackass."

You hurt my feelers :(

I sawwy D: Somehow, I imagined tentacles when you said feelers....

im part octopus :) Now, come to my garden, it's lovely.

I always say testicles when I mean tentacles. I guess my favorite animal is quite obvious too. There might be something wrong with me.

Oh, Miss Laura, fairest of the Octomaidens, where is thy garden?

Under the sea, in the shade :)

is your favourite animal testicles? I hear they have lives of their own.

No, octopus!

Octopus are weird, but cool :)

Mhm. I really like them though. No real idea why.

I understand. I got my wisdom teeth out about a month ago and I'm pretty sure the rest of my mouth got a mind of it's own in that recovery time.

Owwww. I can definitely imagine tooth pain, I have braces and sometimes when they get tightens it hurts so bad I can't even fall asleep! and yuck, I just drank some hot chocolate then read this.. so I had a chocolate taste in my mouth when the OP describes her nasty molar taste :{ ruined my taste.

blobs with legs :) or tentacles..

They're so pretty! And just... Ahh!

#10 Mm Mmm! Persol have the best sunglasses of all time!! And I am not saying it because mine are Persol, it is in the damn Best of All Time book! Yeah, that's right.

You pretty ladies talking about tentacles are making me wanna go watch some Japanese porn. (But it's too early in the morning for that.)

it's never too early for tentacle porn, NEVER.

this by-far is the weirdest comment convo I have ever seen on FML

#31 - I suppose you're right. I didn't really want to go to class today anyway. #35 - Stick around, you'll see weirder.

Exactly. We're only getting started. Just wait till I break out the sex ed and innuendos.

Sucks to be you!

I have had a fear of this happening to me for years...

For some reason, I feel like getting a big bowl of ice cream now. And just sitting here. Eating it. And somehow, OP, you'll just know, that I'm enjoying my ice cream, where as you, are not.

Cold. Cold as stone, Rachel. Cold stone.

Chewing a chunk of ice cream?? My teeth hurt just THINKING about it. (that's right, my teeth can think about things)

next time you should probably just stick to vanilla

What's the problem? You have too many teeth by Alabama standards anyways!

stop eating sweets, that's probably why your teeth are rotten

#35 (greenlntrn3000 or whatever it is) Your's is the weirdest FACE I've ever seen on FML. Ooooo, now for some 'your mum' jokes.

I did that once with my expander. The glue came loose, and I thought it was a piece of chicken stuck in I got it out, chewed...and yeaaaaah. Needless to say, it was gross. And I needed to go to the orthodontist.

Toothless in Alabama? Isn't that the trend there anyway?

Nah, only in Mississippi.