By Toothless - United States
Today, I was eating ice cream and struggling to chew a particularly hard chunk of chocolate. After finally breaking it into pieces, I spat it out because it tasted terrible. Then I discovered that I was missing my temporary crown. Now I have no upper molar. FML
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I wouldn't know. They're probably like blinds for your eyes though.
I would ask Kanye, except that he would be really happy for me and let me finish, only to say Bvlgari has the best shades of all time.

By  redbluegreen  |  40

For some reason, I feel like getting a big bowl of ice cream now. And just sitting here. Eating it. And somehow, OP, you'll just know, that I'm enjoying my ice cream, where as you, are not.

By  QueenOfMelodrama  |  0

I did that once with my expander. The glue came loose, and I thought it was a piece of chicken stuck in I got it out, chewed...and yeaaaaah. Needless to say, it was gross. And I needed to go to the orthodontist.