By Anonymous - 28/04/2009 11:16 - United Kingdom

Today, I was eating cereal and decided to warm it up to see what it tasted like. So, using a candle in the room I placed my spoon over the flame and waited to see if it heated up. Pleased with my silly experiment, I put the spoon back in my mouth. I now can't talk because of my swollen tongue. FML
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Not to mention your heroin habit.

What are you, an idiot? Why wouldnt you use a microwave? I use it all the time with my cereal, its too cold sometimes and hurts my teeth. 10 seconds in the nuker is usually enough.


Not to mention your heroin habit.

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He probably did that with his heroin too.

um... so people that stupid do exist. I always consedered reatrds like you like Bigfoot. rarely seen, and only seen by a few.

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I think if he had experience with heroin he would have known the spoon would still be hot.

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How stupid can you be to stick a heated spoon in your mouth?

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omg omg omg that's the funniest comment ever Lol

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The comment 285 is more stupid then the OP.



Dude, just because you've had an experience (or multiple) with something doesn't make NOT make you an idiot. I have an ex that would probably do something like this. She was so damn stupid, I could've had a more fulfilling relationship with a fucking monkey. Hell, after all the BS she put me through, it would've been awesome to see her do something like this.

Ahahahahaha " rarely seen and only seen by few " and you're calling them a retard.

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Next time, please, just skip the middleman and stick your head in the gas oven, ok?

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Well, OP... There's this pretty cool invention called a microwave.. Have you heard of it?

1- I was just about to say that!!

366, he didn't want to heat the entire bowl.. Just a spoonful.. And we all know what happens when you put a metal spoon in a microwave..

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Its people like OP here who make me lose hope in humanity.

I was honestly expecting this to end as "...when my roommate walked in and called my parents, thinking in was addicted to heroin. FML"

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Why didn't you just put it in the microwave? Who actually has candles anymore?

What are you, an idiot? Why wouldnt you use a microwave? I use it all the time with my cereal, its too cold sometimes and hurts my teeth. 10 seconds in the nuker is usually enough.

maybe he dint wat his whole fucking bowl warm?!?! he wuz just trying it out :P

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Dude mabey he only wanted to try how it tasted dumbass

How is cereal cold? do you keep it in the freezer or something?

#2 - have you been to a store lately?! Yeah, this is a YDI if I've ever seen one.

now i dont feel as bad lol i burned water but danm that was just stupid ydi allthewayyy

What's the meaning of YDI?

Don't answer that. I feel like such an idiot now. Geez

lmfao, nice one...i hope you're pretty young otherwise you're fucked

OP should be thankful that his parents didn't walk in on him ad think he was doing heroin

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Obviously you have no common sense.

even when you put something very hot in your mouth, it doesn't stay in there long enough to swell up your tongue to the point of not being able to talk. Nice try though...A for effort and Y for YDI

Yeah, but OP could mean it's swollen a little and can't talk because of pain.


Good job failing to comprehend a concept that most people come to understand when they're toddlers.

Omg im sure you were high... WERE YOU HIGH or DRUNK? Because if you werent youre a douchbag without tongue

You're a superstar.